I have been running for over 10 years.  However, it was 6 years ago that I decided to make it a goal to run a half marathon in each state.  By then I had already run in 5 states (two being a marathon and I went back to run a half) so I knew I had a long way to go.

One of the best things I did was purchase a Rock ‘n’ Roll TourPass in 2013.  This pass allowed me to register for as many Rock ‘n’ Roll races as I wanted to in a year.  And that is what I did.  That year I ran 14 Rock ‘n’ Roll races.   While it was exhausting, it was also fun and I made the best of it.

I may be biased but I love running in Chicago.  I love running along the lakefront.  Although for almost a year I have been running by my house.  I live 1.5 miles from Midway Airport and sometimes run loops around it (4 miles each loop).  It is just perfect for me.  I also love running in Chicago because it is flat.  Although that didn’t help when I ran in other hilly cities like Nashville, TN; Little Rock, AR; Tulsa, OKand Jackson, MS.

Besided Chicago, I have enjoyed running races in other cities as well.  They’re listed below in no particular order.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half MarathonWhat’s not to like running down The Strip at night?  It is fun to see The Strip at night without any cars.  The best part of this race was that I got VIP status.  First and last time!

Princeton Half Marathon.   Getting there was a bit of a hassle but I enjoyed running through Princeton University.  Even though there were hills, there were so many trees and the colors were just beautiful.  The campus is lovely and it was fun learning about Albert Einstein.

• Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon.  This race was after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  Security was very tight and I remember feeling a bit nervous but also sad.  The course was mostly flat and the turnaround point was Harvard University.   I also enjoyed running through Beacon Hill and Boston Common.

Glacier Half Marathon.  Running in Alaska was also so much fun!  I ran a half marathon, two 5Ks, and did a running scavenger hunt.  I ran these as part of the The Great Alaskan Running Cruise.  You can read all about my great adventures HERE.


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12 Comments on So many cities and so little time!

  1. I’m doing the Boston Run to Remember race next year. I’m very much looking forward to running in that city since I’ll never make it there for the Boston Marathon, lol.

    Chicago remains my favorite city to run in. I just love everything about it!

    • I would love to be a spectator at the Boston Marathon. Every year I say I will go and then end up not going.

      Hopefully you make it here for the Chicago Marathon. 🙂

  2. Wow! 14 RnR races in a year??? You definitely got your money’s worth out of your tour pass. I love running in Chicago, too. I ran a full and a half there. Love the food, the architecture, the people and the beer (not necessarily in that order)! 🙂

  3. I did temporarily think about the RnR pass. Since I like their 10k’s, I don’t know if I would want the pass, plus I’m limited with the numbers of races I can do each year. They do have some locations I haven’t been.

  4. You’ve had some fun adventures! I loved running in Alaska. The air is SO clean. That’s cool how they added each specific race to the medal .

    • I think Alaska is my favorite. It was just so different. I felt like I was in another country but I really wasn’t. 🙂

  5. I haven’t yet decided if I want to do the Alaska running cruise or just a half somewhere in Alaska I haven’t already been (because I did go on the cruise to Alaska a few years back).

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