Illinois Marathon-2

Week #12, February 12-18

T Ran 3.73
W Ran 6.40 miles
TH Ran 3.20
S Ran 3.36
S Ran 9.72 miles

This week was awesome!!  At the beginning of the week I dealt with some snow on the sidewalk but we also got some warm weather and most of it did melt.

Monday is a rest day.  I went to a funeral for a dear friend’s dad.  It was so sad and I am always at loss at what to say to a grieving family.  As I got out of the car to go inside the funeral home, I saw a beautiful sunset.

Illinois Marathon-104

Tuesday’s run was actually pretty good!  It was sunny with temperatures in the low 30s but I didn’t feel too cold.  The snow wasn’t helping so I went to the local park to run around a couple of times.

I was a bit nervous about Wednesday’s workout (1.5 mile warm up and cool down, 2×1 mile @10:02 and 4×1 minute @9:16 with 2 minutes recovery).  Mile repeats scare me.  It wasn’t easy and I kind of cheated.  I had planned to run each one nonstop but just couldn’t do it.  I stopped a couple of times to catch my breath.  I cannot remember how many times I stopped but at least I got it done.  I still did pretty good!  🙂

Thursday’s run was awesome!  I came home and took a quick nap.  Then I got cold and debated on whether to run or not.  I reminded myself that it was only 40 minutes and it was definitely doable.  After my run I came home to find Lola still napping.

Another 40 minutes of running for Saturday.  Most of the snow had melted already and that made me happy.  However, we got more snow later in the afternoon.  Not a lot like last week but enough for the roads to get slippery.  It did look kind of pretty.

I was excited about Sunday’s workout (5 mile warm up, 15 minutes @10:45, 8 minutes @11:58, 4×25 second strides @9:16 with 60 second recovery, 2 mile cool down).  I waited to run in the afternoon because I knew it was going to warm up (40 degrees) and I had no desire to run in cold weather (it was 19 when I woke up).  Plus, Lola was keeping me company while I watched TV and I just wanted to stay with her.  🙂  Isn’t she cute?

Once I was out running it was WINDY and I got cold.  I had headwind for about 4.5 miles and then I turned around and it was much better.   I was very surprised to hit almost of my paces.  I think my Garmin watch is broken.  🙂   I know, I know.  I need to believe more in myself.

I am very pleased with all of my workouts.  I was a bit nervous for doing them but I actually enjoyed them and am happy with my results.  It is another confidence booster and that is exactly what I need now.  I am freaking out because the Illinois Marathon is in 10 weeks.  I’ve run a marathon before but still get nervous when training for it.

Total mileage for the week: 26.42
Total mileage for this training cycle: 220.81
Total mileage for the year: 142.01

Here’s how training has gone so far:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
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Week 7
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Week 10
Week 11

How was YOUR week?

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