I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t give gifts during the holiday.  I only buy two books for my students.  I like to give gifts year round and it is usually something small like coffee, a book, or a gift card.

Books for students-1

I was surprised because I received quite a few gifts this holiday season.  I am not saying I received a lot but definitely more than I expected.  For Christmas we got together with my brother and his wife.  Most of her family was there too including a brother, wife, and kids from Ecuador.  Yes, a lot of family.

Also, my birthday is in November so a few coworkers got together to get me a few gifts which I received right before winter break.  

Let me tell you what I received:

A heated blanket. The best. Came in handy these past few cold days.  I love using it when I am on the sofa watching TV or playing a game on my phone.

Purple Champion Sweater.  I love the color and how it feels.  Also, keep me warm throughout the day at home and school.

Champion sweater-1.jpg

Velvet Plush Oversized Throw.  It is very soft and a pretty color.  I have a couple other ones but you can never have too many. 

Oversized Throw-1.jpg

Chocolate covered Oreo cookies.  I love chocolate and I love Oreo cookies.  The box I got had cookies covered in white and milk chocolate.  So good.  The brand is Maggie Lyon Chocolatiers in case you want to get some for yourself.  Check out the site as you’ll find some other delicious treats!

Starbucks gift card.  Need I say more?

Candy box.  I think overall this was the BEST one.  I got it from a former student.  He was in my 2nd grade classroom and is now in 5th grade.  I almost cried when he came into my room.  I was so happy to see him because I definitely wasn’t expecting a gift from him.

Weighted blanket.  I’ve heard so many great things about it and bought one for me from Weighted Comforts.  I slept well during winter break, but it could be that I was tired.  Or it could have been that I would go to bed late (later than usual for me) and I would sometimes sleep in in the morning.

Weighted Blanket-1.jpg

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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My favorite gifts I received over the holidays

  1. That’s so funny that both you & Kim got a weighted blanket! I’ve heard about them too & was definitely curious.

    I can only imagine how that present from your former student made you feel. So sweet!

    Chocolate covered oreos = danger for me. 🙂

  2. I don’t have that particular weighted blanket, but we have a blanket the hubby brought back from one of his overseas tours (when he was in the Guard) that works the same way. It’s very warm, and if I cover up on the couch with it, I’ll be out in a few minutes 😉

  3. I think I may need that blanket. Esp if you helps you sleep better.

    I was a teacher for many many years. Student gifts mean the most.

  4. Oh, gosh! It’s the year of the weighted blanket! I love it!

    I’m getting more and more into blankets in general. It’s nice to just be able to snuggle up with a cozy blanket when writing or reading or watching tv.

    • I began hearing about the weighted blankets in the fall. Finally decided to get one when they were on sale. Blankets are wonderful to have around to snuggle up on a cold day. Even my cat likes them!

  5. well, you cannot go wrong with chocolate covered oreos! Everyone seems to love those weighted blankets right now. Cozy!

  6. you got a weighted blanket as well!!! see I really would love to have one, but I’m peri-menopausal and get really hot in the night as well. I would be afraid I’d have to throw it off me anyway. anyway you got lots of items to stay cozy warm and chocolate and coffee… which is pretty much my ideal!

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