Random Thoughts Thursday

• We got snow on Saturday.  I dislike it.  I hate it.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad but we’re supposed to get more this weekend.  I went out for a run and it wasn’t that fun.

• A heated blanket is the best!  Get one.  It has kept me warm during these cold days.

Heated Blanket-1

 • I’ve been teaching since 2009 and use a flash drive for ALL of my files.  I’ve been using this little guy for a number of years.  Somehow something happened over the weekend and when I tried to access some files on Monday, there was nothing there.  I took it to Best Buy and apparently the metal thingie is bent.  I need to take it to a place to solder it together or I can pay about $1,600 to have someone from Geek Squad retrieve my files.  I should be in tears, but surprisingly I am feeling very relaxed.  Maybe I am still in denial?

Flash drive-1.jpg

  • This made me laugh.  Sometimes I feel like this in the morning.

Cinderella Humor

  • To go with the flash drive point mentioned above, I bought two different ones.  I am using the one on the left and like it.  It is small and no chance of it being bent which is what happened with the other one.  

Flash drive-2.jpg

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  1. I had saved ALL my files & photos on a portable hard drive. It crashed & I had to pAY to get everything back.

    Recently my hard drive crashed on my laptop. I lost everything. Luckily I don’t think it was too much. Most things are on the cloud now.

    We are supposed to getup to 2 feet of snow this weekend. HATE HATE HATE this.

    I need to do my long runs and the somewhere is limited now.

    • Did you have to pay a lot to recover the files? I don’t think I want to pay $1600 to recover my stuff. I just bought a event smaller flash drive so hopefully I have better luck with it. The cloud as in ICloud?

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