After trying so many different brands of detergent, I think I have found the one the best one for me.  I’ve used Persil, Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport, Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent, WIN Sports Detergent, Nathan Sport Wash, Penguin Brands Sport Wash, Seventh Generation Laundry Packs, and Arm and Hammer.  

The one I’ve been using for the past several months is Rockin’ Green Active Wear Detergent.  I swear by this detergent.  My clothes smell clean and there is no faint smell that reappears during my run. 

Rockin' Green Active Wear Soap-2

Product Description from their website:

•  Broad spectrum enzyme blend to remove stains and odors from fat, protein and starch
•  Cleans, and takes special care of high-tech workout clothes and micro-fibers  
•  Naturally extends the life of active wear
•  The scent of Tea Tree Oil rinses clean after washing
•  Perfect for all washing machines
•  Vegan and cruelty free
•  45 oz. bag cleans 45 loads in top-load machines; cleans 90 loads in front-load machines 

As a detergent, use 1-2 scoops to remove the toughest odors and stains in active wear clothing.  Do an extra rinse for added cleaning power!

Can also be used as a soak!  Add 2-3 scoops for intense build up.  Soak for 30-60 minutes. Finish up with an extra rinse and dry like normal.

I do laundry once a week (usually on Sundays).  I don’t have a machine in my apartment building so off to the laundromat I go.  In the beginning it wasn’t too bad but now I am getting tired of it.  I also hate going when it is very cold outside.  Anyway, I have no other choice but to go.  🙂  When I was running 6 days a week using the Hansons Method during the summer, I would do laundry twice a week.

After a run I let them air dry on top of my hamper.  During the winter I will usually wear my jacket, wazzie wool baselayer, and pants twice before washing them.  My runs are short so I don’t sweat as much.  Last year I trained for a marathon during the winter and my runs were longer so I would just wear those items once.


The machine I use is a front loader.  Never before had I used one till my trip to the laundromat.  I kind of like it.  When I first began using this detergent, I would use one and a half scoop in the prewash and in the main wash.  After a few months I would then just add one scoop again in the prewash and in the main wash.  Now I only use one scoop in the main wash.  I do this because I feel like my clothes are cleaner and not as smelly and don’t require that much soap.  

I never use the machine to dry my running clothes.  I have a heavy-duty metal drying rack from Target.  I love it.  It was so easy to assemble and it is big enough for all of my clothes.  The rack is in my apartment so my clothes are usually dry by Monday.  

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19 Comments on Tuesday Topics: How I deal with my stinky running clothes

    • I should have mentioned that the ads show up in the Facebook feed. That’s the soap that mentions that your clothes aren’t really clean. If you soak them with the detergent you’ll see it because of the water.

  1. I tried the Tide Plus Febreze Sport a few years ago and noticed it left a weird feeling residue on the clothes. The smell was awesome though!

    I also air dry all of my clothes too.

  2. I have never noticed that my clothes smell bad but…

    maybe I should look or smell closer. I just throw them in the machine and then in the dryer.

  3. That detergent sounds really interesting! I’m really picky about cleaning products, but this sounds like something I’d use.

    My sympathies on not having a washer/dryer (ours are front loaders, they’re also about 14 years old).

  4. Great review, I’ll have to check out this detergent. I just started using more environmentally friendly powder detergent for my regular wash but I definitely need something for my running clothes! I also need to get into using my dryer rack!

  5. Oh dang, going to a laundromat is a bummer… but then again, you can use a front loader (which I prefer over the top loader mashines!! I just feel they clean better!
    I do laundry once a week, too. Thanks for sharing your routine!

    • I also feel like front loader machines clean better! We had a older machine that was a top loader and that one also cleaned very well. Then that one broke and my sister replaced it an HE machine and I hated it.

  6. I also let my clothes air dry before throwing them into the laundry basket. I have not tried any detergent specifically for athletic clothes. Thanks for the linkup I will be joining in tomorrow

  7. i really need to find out if there are other options here for sports wash. we have to be quite clever with drying sweaty clothes before they go in the hamper and hanging clothes in general. if you read my post you’ll see i have laundry everywhere!!

    most washers in the netherlands are front loader. every time I visit my mom in NM I have to figure out how to use the top loader again!

    • I did read your post and wow on the amount of laundry! I was so used to the top loader that it took me some time to figure out how to use the front loader. Now I am an expert! 🙂

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