Random Thoughts Thursday

• This weather!  I have lived in Chicago almost my whole life and have never experienced a cold day like yesterday.  School was cancelled and I stayed home most of the day.  I only went out for 20 minutes to start my car twice and that was more than enough time to be outside.

Chicago Weather-2

• I saw this picture on Instagram and fell in love with it.  How awesome is this library?


 • I am looking forward to reading this book.  It is so popular right now that there is a long waitlist for an English copy and my sister could only get it in Spanish.

Michelle Obama Book-1.jpg

  • I’ve been running on the treadmill in the morning before work.  That means showering and getting ready at the gym.  The other day I forgot my Philosophy body wash and face scrub (I didn’t realize it till that night).  I went back the next day and it was gone.  I was annoyed.  Why take it?  Why not just leave it?

  • My gym has a hair dryer in the bathroom.  One day I tried to use it but it wouldn’t turn on.  I tried the on and off buttons with no luck.  I gave up and walked out with wet hair.  A few days later I tried again and it did work.  I then realized why it hadn’t worked before.  I felt so stupid!  🙂

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  1. I hate this weather. Good for you on getting a run. I am waiting for the thaw. Ugh!

    I so want to read that book!!

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