How is it that we’re already in February?  The weather has been absolutely crazy here in Chicago.  We had snow a few times and then below FREEZING weather!  That weather was like that for two days and then it warmed up.  It got up to 46 on Saturday!  Most of the snow has already melted and now it is so much easier to run outside.

Outside running-1.jpg

I almost skipped my run on Thursday at the gym but decided to go since I had to buy my license plate sticker anyway.  I wonder if there is a way to change my renewal month?  I would pick April or May when it is much warmer and easier to replace the sticker.

Thanks again to everyone for linking up with us!  Today we are talking about our favorite non-running products.

Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser – I went to the dentist at the beginning of January and the receptionist told me that I’ve been seeing him for 19 years!  Wow! Almost every time I see him, he tells me that I need to floss more.  I understand the importance of it but still hate to floss.  I decided to get a Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser at Kohl’s.  I love it!  It is very easy to use.  It is cordless, comes with 6 flosser tips, and you can switch the water pressure from low to high.  I got it mid December and when I saw him last month, he mentioned that my mouth was much cleaner and healthier.

Waterpik Flosser-1

ChicoBag – In Chicago when we go shopping, we either take our own bags (and sometimes get a discount) or purchase them at checkout.  I take my own.  I have a few from Running Warehouse that they used to send with each purchase.  They don’t do that anymore.  I always have a ChicoBag with me in the car, my purse, or my school backpack.  They’re compact and easy to carry.  Once open they’re big enough to hold up to 40 pounds.  I love that they come in many different pretty colors. 

Speedo Large Teamster Backpack – Another item I love is my Speedo Large Teamster Backpack.  Mine is in purple and it comes in handy when going to the gym in the morning.  I add my clothes that I plan to wear that day, my running shoes, and toiletries (in a separate bag).  This backpack has so many pockets to hold my combination lock, keys, Apple airpods, and any other items.

Speedo Backpack-3.jpg

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18 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My favorite non-running products

  1. I wonder if my 13 yo would floss more if I got her that?? It might be worth a try. i hate when I travel into the city and forget bags!

  2. Flossing is such a hard thing to remember to do! I don’t know what they’re called (flossing pics?), but they work for me, when I do remember LOL In Iowa, our car tags always renew the month of our birthdays…so that’s a March ritual for me 😉

  3. Ooh I love those bags.
    We don’t yet get discounts except for the national chains, but much easier to use them to carry things between errands

  4. I also have a waterpik and I love it! Since I’m currently wearing Invisalign I have to floss a lot so I use regular floss at work and my waterpik at home.

    In March the supermarkets here will start charging to use plastic bags. I already have a good amount of reuseable bags but I’ll check out the ones you recommended!

  5. That Chico bag is so cool! I have never heard of them before. I will have to check them out. It is COLD in Chicago! Hope you can stay warm!!!

  6. I have that water pick but it has a cord. Cordless is way better!
    I have a ton of bags in the back of my car but still forget to bring them in the store sometimes. Ugh!

  7. It must be a relief to finally have some warmer weather! I can’t imagine!!

    That waterpik looks really cool. I feel like I’m not flossing as much as I used to…I need to get on it! And I love the Chicobag, it looks so versatile!

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