What’s not to love about running?  Well right now the only thing I am not loving is the weather.  I am sorry but I cannot stop complaining about it.  Snow, cold, deep freeze, more snow, and ice storm is what we have been dealing with here in the midwest.  I know I can use the treadmill but that does get boring after a while.  

Last week I wasn’t feeling well and had to skip a few of my runs.  I’ve been tired and sometimes had an achy body.  My coach told me to sleep and get some rest.  I am feeling better and will attempt to run today.

Before I talk about today’s topic, let me show you the activity I did with my kids yesterday.  We did a 3D Hot Air Balloon Card.  It was so much fun!  Below is the video and pictures of the finished product.

3D Hot Air Balloon Card

Now let me tell why I do love running.  🙂

The gear –  I love treating myself to new gear.  It makes me happy and gets me excited to go running.  About 99% of my gear is from Oiselle.  During the warm wear you can find me running in the long rogas.  I have 24 pairs of the long rogas (and 5 of the regular rogas) and always get excited when I get another pair.

• Traveling to different states – I love travelling to various states to run a half marathon.  I’m at state #39 and this year I will be traveling to DE, MT, SC, and MI. 

50 states map.jpg

• FREE and easy to do – All you need is good running gear and the proper shoes and off you go!  No never know once you lace up where running may lead you.

• My time – Running is my alone time.  I usually run in the morning and it is the perfect time to clear my head and get ready for the day.

Tuesday Topics

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30 Comments on Tuesday Topics: What I love about running

  1. I can remember when my kids were little. I loved the alone time running gave me than too! I am babysitting grandchildren today. Think we will give the 3D hearts a try. Love that idea!

  2. I totally agree about how running is some of the best “me time”. I’ve been able to solve problems or just simply zone out while running, and it’s the best!

    I’d love to do more racecations….that’s when running gets expensive!

    • Haha! I think I will! I’ve been to Miami a few times but it has been YEARS since the last time I was there. My FL race was done in Ft. Lauderdale so I am sure it will be a different experience than running in Miami.

  3. 39…wow! You are a traveler.

    Come to NY again so we can meet.

    I only wish that I started running earlier when I had a job where I traveled. I didn’t get it back then. I just love running in new places.

  4. Oh the Oiselle gear is all so pretty… I have yet to shell out the money for it, but I have a few things on my wish list 🙂

  5. So… confession time – I said this one someone’s else blog too… but I think I officially have more running clothes than anything else in the closet! I’m prone to getting something new when I’ve had a really good race… and admittedly when I’ve had a really poor race and need some cheering up! LOL. I can’t believe you’ve run in 39 states! Wow, that is quite amazing! You’ll have done all states in the next couple of years I’m sure!

  6. My reason for loving running has changed over the years but right now it’s all about the friendships I’ve formed! Oh yes, and the clothes.

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