Random Thoughts Thursday

• Ice outside car windows is easy to take off.  Inside the car is much more difficult and annoying.  How many more days till Spring?

Ice inside car-1.jpg

• For the most part I haven’t had any problems with my USPS deliveries.  However, recently there has been a few instances in which I have been frustrated with the driver.  That person has lied.  The driver has claimed that a delivery attempt was made and that there was no access to the delivery location.  I live in a two flat apartment building and it is really easy to get to the building and the mailbox.  

• I have noticed that there has been MORE Facebook and Instagram ads.  They’re definitely annoying. 

Ads opt out-1.jpg

• What would YOU pick?  I think I’ll pick cats, tacos, and coffee.

You can only keep 3 things

• I bought an air fryer and I am excited!  Do you have one?  Do you like it?  Please share what you cook in it.

Air Fryer-1.jpg

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