For the past week or so, I’ve been in a running funk.  I love working with my coach, Mary, but recently have not been motivated to run.  My last run was 2 weeks ago and I remember that I didn’t want to run but ended up running and ran better than expected. 

The weather has been driving me CRAZY.  Just on Sunday and Monday we got more snow.  

I remember that last year while training for the Illinois Marathon, I did almost all of my runs outside.  Some days were cold, some were snowy, and some were both.  Regardless, I was out there.  I made sure to have the right gear in order to survive outside that long in those weather conditions.

Below is the gear I use to run during the cold weather.  Yes, pretty much everything is Oiselle gear.  🙂

Wazzie Wool Baselayer –   I have 4 of these tops.  They’re made of merino wool so they keep me warm, absorbs and wicks sweat, and is water repellant.  Plus, I love that I can wear this top a few times and it doesn’t smell.  

Vim Jacket –   I have one in black but am waiting for the yellow one to go on sale (that color is perfect for running when it is dark).  This jacket is lightweight, breathable, and water repellant.  It has kept me warm when paired with the wazzie wool baselayer.  If I ever get too warm, I can tuck it into the pocket and carry it with the strap.

Flyout Jacket – I love that it is insulated and has a weather-resistant shell in the front which provides protection from the wind.  I own two of these jackets (in blue and in black), but also wear them on non-running days when it is cool enough for just a jacket.

Oiselle Gear-12

• Super Puff Mittens – These are no longer available online but these mittens keep my hands very warm because of the Polartec Alpha™ insulation and weather-resistant sheet (similar to the flyout jacket).  I have one pair and am hoping they’re available again so I can get another pair.

• Power Stretch Running Beanie – This is similar to the Trailheads Women’s Running Ponytail Hat.  It is insulated, soft, and covers my ears.  My favorite thing about it is the opening for my ponytail.  

• Tights – I wear the Moto Lesley Tights and the Classic Lesley Tights.  They’re both fleece lined but the Moto tights are thicker and warmer for colder days.  

• Wazzie Wool Gaiter – Same material as the baselayer.  Perfect for windy days!  I also use one from BibRave (not wool material).

Smartwool Women’s PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks – I actually wear these year round.  They keep my feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  I also like the crew socks during the winter to cover up my ankles.

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24 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My cold weather running essentials

  1. I too am a big fan of the wool base layer, only Skirt Sports, of course. I think we’re all in a running slump! The cold,the grayness, the snow . . . Doesn’t make it east. But the right gear makes it easier!

    • We are expecting more snow too and an ice storm. Ugh, so over this weather.

      It is an advantage (or disadvantage) because that means I can fit more stuff in my drawers. 🙂

  2. Warm wool socks sound amazing! If anything, I cannot stand when my toes are frozen at a start line. I’ll have to look into getting some! Great suggestions!! 🙂

  3. The weather has been bothering me too, although not because its super cold (it does get cold in Florida but not as cold as you get I’m sure). It’s just depressing how dark and grey it is all the time! I’m looking forward this year to sun and spring! Hope you get out of your funk soon…I started making small goals to help me get out of mine and so far its helping!

    • Cold days suck but add dark and grey skies and it is simply depressing. I keep telling myself that I need to get away for the weekend and go to a warm and sunny place. Florida sounds like a good idea! 😉

  4. Thanks for the great suggestions. The one thing I need for snowy running is my YakTrax. I love them! They have increased the number of days I can run outside in the winter.

  5. I’m over winter! I usually run in fleece tights, and a good jacket but I don’t think there’s enough gear in the world to make it better when it hits single digits.

  6. I’m from Botswana so our winters are nothing like yours!! But those mittens look lovely. My husband and cousin (who I run with quite a lot) struggle as their fingers remain frozen well into our long runs during winter. Hope your running mojo comes back soon – but in conditions like yours I can totally understand not feeling like running. Hang in there x

  7. All your gear looks great! I don’t have a single item from Oiselle, I’ve honestly never checked them out. I probably do need some more base layers and definitely need some warmer tights!

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