Random Thoughts Thursday

• My niece wore this shirt the other day.   I love it!

Forget princess call me president shirt-1.jpg

• This is so true.  No matter how many times I say this to my students, they are always rushing to get things done.  They think everything is a competition.  I still love them though!

What I said and what they heard-1.jpg

• I am so happy we have early voting.  I have parent/teacher conferences on the 28th and while I can go vote in the morning (conferences start at 11:30 am), I still like to get to school early just like a regular school day.  I can’t go after work because we are done at 6:30 pm and I know I won’t make it on time to the voting place.

I voted-1.jpg• I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  Moms are simply the best!  Well, not just teacher moms but ALL moms.  I am exhausted after work and don’t want to do anything else.  Moms still have to make dinner, check homework, and do all of those other things that great moms do.

Teacher Moms-1

• As you know I am a big fan of coffee.  I like it with cream.  Lately I have been drinking it with almond milk and stevia.  I am beginning to like it.  In order to make sure the milk and stevia mixes well with the coffee, I bought a milk frother.  Definitely worth it.  Sometimes it is the little things that make me happy.

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  1. Just insert my husband into your classroom kids. He rushes through everything — and he often tries to rush me, too — it’s so annoying. Definitely a bad habit.

    I don’t know how moms do it, I truly don’t. And I miss early voting! Best thing ever.

    • Drives me crazy with my students. Everyone is trying to get ready and be the first one in line but then forgets to pick up homework and/or put chair in designated spot.

  2. I’m a rusher, sorry. There’s never enough time to get everything done I need to do. My hubby is not and it drives me crazy.

    Number #1 coffee fan. I like it with cream or flavored-creamer. I have a frother and haven’t used it lately. Thanks for the reminder.

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