Random Thoughts Thursday

• I haven’t watched “A Star is Born” but I am obsessed with the song “Shallow”.  Wow!  I keep playing it on repeat every single day.

• Late to the party here regarding the Hamilton lottery.  Recently I downloaded the app and everyday have entered to win tickets.  Nothing so far.  Crossing my fingers that one day I can get tickets. 

Hamilton Lottery-1.jpg

• Tuesday was parent/teacher conferences.  I have 21 students and was able to meet with 17 parents.  Not too bad.  It was a long day too (11:30am-7pm) with a break at 3pm for lunch.

• Lola cracks me up.  I finish eating and then she jumps on the chair for her meal.  She never eats at the table since her bowl is on the kitchen floor.  Maybe I should move it to the table?


• Aren’t Girl Scout cookies the best?  I can eat these every single day, but I don’t.  Which one is your favorite?

Girl Scout Cookies-1.jpg

3 Comments on Random Thoughts Thursday 61

  1. I do not buy crack (aka GS cookies). It was founded in Savannah, btw.

    The boys weren’t allowed on the table. Simba still enjoyed getting up there occasionally. Gizmo almost never did, but every once in a blue moon . . .don’t feed her there. Just take my word you don’t want to go there unless you like having a cat walk all over your table — some people don’t care.

    Didn’t know about the Hamilton lottery. I haven’t seen it and my guess is I won’t unless they someday make a movie out of it, and then I’m sure the people who saw it in the theater will look down their noses at it.

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