Weekly Runs: March 11-17

M 3 miles
T Did not run
W Did not run
TH 4.83 miles
F 4 miles
S 4 miles  
S Did not run

I am jealous of everyone running the NYC Half Marathon today. 🙂  But I am also happy.  

Remember how last week I wrote about the Glycerin 17?  I ordered another pair and those fit much better.  I ran 4 miles in them yesterday. They are very soft and feel comfortable.  Anyone else running in these shoes?

Brooks Shoes-12.jpg

I also received 2 pairs of Tieks.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Love them.  I know they’re pricey but I am on my feet most of the day and these are comfortable for me.

I was sick (again) early in the week.  I did my runs on different days than I was supposed to, but I got them done.  I also stayed home from work on Wednesday.  Going back on Thursday I did feel better, but not 100 percent better.  Today I feel much better.

This week was 3 easy runs and 1 speed workout.  Monday morning I had no problem waking up after the time change, but I did pay for it later.  I was EXHAUSTED!  I did see the most beautiful sunrise on my way to work.


I was supposed to do my speed workout on Tuesday but did it on Thursday.  It was warm enough that I wore shorts!  Love that I was able to hit the required paces.  Plus, I got negative splits on the intervals!!

On Saturday the plan was to run 6 miles with the last 2 being my fastest.  I ended up doing 4 with the last 2 being the fastest.  Still counts, right?

On Friday the 2nd graders did leprechaun traps.  They brought all of the materials from home (boxes, paper towel rolls, glitter, etc.).  One of the teachers did a rotation schedule and every 20 minutes there were 2 different set of kids working on their trap.  They had a blast!  At the end of the day I asked them if they thought they would catch a leprechaun.  They responded “Yes”!  We’ll find out tomorrow.  🙂

Two more weeks of school and then Spring Break!!

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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31 Comments on Weekly Run Down: More shoes and a cold again

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Is it tough to stay healthy being surrounded by so many kids? Hopefully, their parents are conscious of keeping them home when they’re under the weather. You had some great runs! Thanks for joining the link-up 😉

    • The last time I got sick was in November, but prior to that I would get sick maybe once a year? Overall, I think running and taking a multivitamin have helped me not get sick too often.

  2. I am also jealous of those running the NYC half. I will try again next year! I am enjoying my Glycerins too so cushioned. Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for joining the link up

  3. Unfortunately I ended up sick at the end of the week. Slowly on the mend. But not planning a run anytime soon, want to make sure I’m all healthy & not going to rebound (and not training for anything).

    I’ve never even heard of Leprechaun traps! I guess we didn’t do them as kids.

      • Thank you. I do definitely feel better — I can breathe out of both nostrils now, LOL, & don’t have to walk around with a tissue box.

        I just know myself, though, and I know that when I get that sick — which is rare, thankfully — I need a lot of rest & can’t rush back into things. And luckily I don’t really have to.

  4. Leprechaun traps are so fun!! My kid’s grade school always had so much fun with St Patty’s day. Wasn’t too excited when they said they were putting their shoes out the night before to get candy (who came up with that one??), but luckily I was able to scare up some treat to put in their shoes.

    • I’ve never heard of putting shoes out the night before for candy. I mean, I remember doing that as a kid but for Three Kings’ Day in January.

      My coworkers and I want want to have fun activities with the kids. It is bad enough that they have so many assessments and don’t really get to enjoy school that much. Or at least I don’t think so.

  5. What a cute idea those leprachaun traps are! Can you believe how quickly spring break is sneaking up? Ours comes in ONE week! Hope you’re feeling 100% again soon.

  6. Glad you are feeling better already! I haven’t tried Tieks but in general I’m not comfortable in flats (except running shoes!). I need more arch support and a bit of a heel. I wonder when the “leprechaun trap” craze started? My kids never did it, but they’re in their 20s. 😉

  7. The time change threw me off a bit this week – I didn’t have an issue waking up but I was pooped by the end of the day. THe teachers I work with are also counting down the days until break – it’ll be here soon, you can do it!

  8. I have never heard of those adorable shoes but now I need a pair!! And I have twin 9 year-old sons who were up making leprechaun traps until almost 10pm last night. Lucky for them, they caught some of his treasure 🙂 Hope the same was true for your class. Too cute!!

    • I love my Tieks. Some people don’t like them or don’t find them comfortable. They’re handmade so each pair is different and some will fit well while others will not.

      Yes, they caught a leprechaun and some chocolate gold coins! 😀

  9. Those Tieks are awesome! I can’t wait until we can wear flats here again in NH. I have not run in Brooks for a long time but perhaps I need to check them out again.

  10. Nice job! I have the Glycerin 17’s and I’m still getting used to them….I’m not sure what it is, but they are so different from the Wave Rider’s and I’m thinking of maybe running in them less….

    I didn’t know Leprecaun traps was a thing, haha! Sounds like a fun way for the kids to get creative.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  11. sorry you weren’t feeling well but good that you are on the mend now! you got some good speed work in, well done! and I tend to buy multiples of the shoes I love too. I never heard of Tieks or a leprechaun traps!

    • Thank you!

      At one point I had 4-5 pairs of the Launch but ended up sending them back. Then I regretted it.

      I’ve worn Tieks for over a year now and that is pretty much all I wear to work. Leprechaun traps were new to me this year. 🙂

  12. That’s great that the new shoes are working well! And I love those Tieks. Fingers crossed that we’re all done with getting sick for a while 🙂

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