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I am trying something new to post my weekly mileage.  I got the idea from Melissa at I Crashed the Web.  I asked her about it and she told me she uses Canva.  I also have used it for my blog posts and love the different options that are available.  What do you think?  Too bright?  Too dark?

Anyway, this was a long and hectic week at work.  Nothing specific but I was very tired and was very happy when it was finally Friday.  Almost winter break!

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This week again consisted of 3 easy runs and 1 speed workout.  I had to do my speed workout on Tuesday (did it on Wednesday).  I woke up on time and got ready.  However, something didn’t feel right and I went back to sleep.  An hour later I felt much better!


My speed workout was 15 minutes warm up and cool down, 4×2 minutes with 1 1/2 minutes recovery, and then 3x 1 1/2 minutes intervals with 2 minutes recovery.  I did pretty good, but somehow I messed up on the last one.


Wore some colorful tights for the 1st day of Spring!


We did a fun Spring activity with the kids. Yep, all 4 classes which was over 90 students. Pretty cool, right?  Our next one will be next month for Easter.

Here is the link if you want to make it with your kids.

Gorgeous 3D Paper Tulip Flower Craft

I went to the expo Saturday morning to get my bib.  I wasn’t there too long but did run into a few friends.  I did buy 3 Sparkly Soul headbands and a few Nuun tubes.

Saturday night I laid out my stuff for the next morning.  I was debating between shorts and compression socks OR tights since it was supposed to rain in the morning.  I ended up with the shorts with compression socks because it did not rain.

2019 Shamrock Shuffle-13

I met up with a few friends before and after the race.  My goal was simply to finish under an hour and to have fun.  It was my first race of the year and I wanted to enjoy it.  I definitely did.  It didn’t rain.  I finished in less than an hour. I had fun.  🙂  I will have a race recap on Tuesday. 

2019 Shamrock Shuffle-24

Later today I will go to my mom’s (she came back from Mexico yesterday) because my cousins are coming over to eat some mole. << A popular and delicious Mexican food.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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29 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Spring and my first race

  1. I used to love doing those little crafts with my kids when they were younger. Congrats on hitting your goal today! Looks like it was a cold morning

  2. I”m so glad I found you today at the race! Congrats on a strong finish. You’re speedy, getting those photos in your post already. I probably won’t recap until next week.

  3. omg I love mole…

    I use Canva sometimes, I really like it. I also use adobe spark, you should check it out 🙂

    seems like you had a good week and a great race! must have been kitty who was giving your outfit some love the night before.

    super nice you also met up with friends, including Wendy!

  4. What a fun craft day with the students! Congrats on the Shuffle, I ran it too and the weather was perfect!

    • Aren’t the headbands great? I have quite a collection. Whenever I see them at an expo, I have to think really hard and remember as to whether or not I already have that color.

      • Yes! Last year I was glad they were at the Women’s 10K finish because I needed one for Pride a couple weks later

  5. I like the way that you are displaying your weekly running and workouts (and love the colors too). Glad to hear that the race went well today!

  6. That tulip craft is so pretty and perfect for spring. I’m glad we ran into you at the race. The Shuffle is so large I doubted we’d see anyone. Hooray for no rain!

    • I was also happy it didn’t rain either. I agree that it is so large that I was not expecting to see anyone I knew, but luckily Wendy saw me and called out my name.

  7. What a fun race! I need to pick a Chicago run and plan a visit up there. Shamrock Shuffle would be great, but maybe I will find something at a more convenient time of year (March is the busiest race time around here, so hard to get away).

    Love your graphics. Canva is the best.

  8. Congrats on the race! I usually go with shorts if it might rain because wet tights are miserable.

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