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How is it that another week went by?  How is it that it is also the end of March?  I am excited that I am finally on Spring Break!  Maybe now I will be able to start my runs a bit later?  Hopefully.  🙂

Hello April 2019

I have a few things I need to do this week.  We have our STEAM Family Night on April 10th (after Spring Break).   My coworker and I will meet to work on and finalize a few things for that night.  I also need to finalize some of the baby shower games for my niece.  My niece is expecting her first baby in July.  She lives in Denver and will be here on Wednesday for her baby shower on Saturday.  It will be in the afternoon with mostly family members.  Oh, and she is having a girl.  🙂 

Baby Shower Games-1

This week was all easy runs for a total of 12.92 miles.  I moved my runs a bit but still got them done.  I confess that I have been running them faster than I should.  Yikes!  

Pleased with my 4 miles on Wednesday.  I was sweating!


Saturday’s run was 5 miles.  Almost negative splits!


Sunday’s run was (supposed to be) 6 miles.  It was sunny but still cold.  See the ice in the picture below?  I couldn’t finish my run because I had a family emergency and needed to get home.  I am hoping that I can still get a run later because today is the last day of Deborah’s RunBet Challenge.  I mean, I am almost done…just one more run.  🙂 <<For a run to count in this challenge, it has to be at least 30 minutes.

Overall, another great week.  Happy to know that this coming week it will be warmer again. 

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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37 Comments on Weekly Run Down: End of the month and Spring Break

  1. You had a pretty solid week of training! You have been doing great with the challenge. You can always do a walk today to get that last one in! Thanks for participating (I may schedule another one in a few weeks) and thanks for linking up

  2. Well done!! I’m looking forward to real spring weather…this weekend was so cold & windy (BUT, it was dry and above-freezing LOL). Thank you so much for linking with us 😉

  3. Enjoy spring break! How fun to be planning a baby shower. So exciting! I need to get going on planning my daughter’s graduation party.

  4. I hope everything is ok with your family. Emergencies can be so hard 🙁

    You had a great week in spite of everything. Your running is going great and you are absolutely staying on track.

    Enjoy your Spring Break!

  5. Congrats to your niece! How fun to be planning a baby shower! If ypu’re doing your runs “too fast” maybe you are getting faster?

  6. good week and how fun about the upcoming baby shower <3 sorry your last run was cut off because of a family emergency. hopefully everything is ok now.

    • Thank you. I hope everyone enjoys the games. But I guess a baby shower isn’t about the games but more about being with family and celebrating the mom and dad to be.

  7. Sorry to hear about the family emergency but I hope everything worked out ok and you got in that last run 🙂 The baby shower sounds fun, congrats to your niece!

  8. Those baby shower invites are too cute! How fun. I hope the emergency worked out and maybe it saved you from falling on that ice – yikes!!

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