Hello April!  Where did you come from?  I am on Spring Break and really not complaining.  When I return to work next Monday, it will only be 40 more days of work.  🙂

I will admit that I don’t care much for the race swag.  After the HUGE disappointments with the swag from the RunDisney races (the shirts are nice but that is pretty much all you get), I just stopped caring about it anymore.  Sure I like the race shirts but rarely keep any of them.


I remember when the shirts were cotton, long sleeve shirts.  I kept a few and used them for sleeping.  I am sure I must have donated them because I don’t have them anymore.  There are two shirts I still have in my dresser drawer.

This is the one I really dislike.


Well, what race swag do I want?  As someone that runs various races, I want something that I could really use.  No, not another shirt.  I guess I do have something against race shirts.  🙂

• A bottle of wine or wine glass

• A necklace or bracelet

• Pair of flip flops

• Pair of socks

• Hand lotion or shampoo

• FREE meal vouchers to a restaurant

• Gift card to Target, Starbucks, or Dunkin

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14 Comments on Tuesday Topics: The best and worst race swag I’ve received

  1. I’m really digging getting stocking caps from races. I loved the one we got from the Shuffle. I think it’s hard for race promoters to please everyone, but I appreciate it when they try. The RunDisney stuff is meh and so are the Rock’n’Roll shirts. Kind of surprising for such high profile races, but then I guess giving ugly shirts is a way to get runners to spend money at the expos.

    • I forgot to mention the RnR shirts. I got 14 one year. Ugh! But yes I guess it was for runners to buy shirts at the expo. Now they include the runners’ names?

  2. When did you do Route 66? Did you do the full or the half? I ran the full (2016), and it was so fun, but oh-so-hilly (which I knew it would be). I have so many race shirts…I’ve sorted out the duds for donation, but am slowly picking out the ones that have great graphics for a quilt (because I seldom wear any of them. I do like the 1/4 jackets a lot of bigger races are giving out in recent years, though.

    • I did the half in 2014. Those hills were torture. I regret not keeping my shirts to make a quilt. I keep telling myself that I should start now but then end up giving away the shirts.

  3. I’ve never done a Run Disney race but I’ve noticed that the race shirts are always horrible, lol. I really love when races give out anything, literally anything besides a shirt (because I have so many)!

    • I did it more for the experience and glad I did the races. However, for the money that I paid, I would have expected more. The medals were nice but now it’s like meh. I am such an ungrateful runner. 🙂

  4. I think most runners who have been running a while are definitely over race tees. But then the new runners aren’t.

    I once got an insulated bag & I’m still using that!

  5. I actually like getting a race shirt and wear a lot of mine. Grant it I have gotten quite a few that I tossed.
    You have some great ideas for race swag. Who do we talk to? Lol.

    The Nike Women’s Marathon gave out Tiffany necklaces. Most I liked but one looked like a postage stamp and just as big.

  6. I agree with you – there are only so many race shirts a girl can wear! I have so many and I’ve donated three times as many as I have. Last year I ran a trail race and we got a cool hat, buff, socks, drink cozy, pint glass…lots of cool stuff. It was a wonderful change from a shirt.

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