Random Thoughts Thursday

• Last week I went to see a house that was for sale.  It was beautiful and exactly what I am looking for to buy.  I went to see it on Thursday and was ready to put in an offer on Friday.  I didn’t do it on Thursday because I still had to get pre-approved but was able to do that on Friday afternoon.  Friday evening there was an offer on the house.  I wanted to cry.  I really wanted that house.  I had already picked out bedrooms for me and my mother.  Oh well, time to start looking again.

For Sale-1.jpg

• I’ve had a Southwest credit card for a few years.  My credit limit is around $27,000.  I don’t want it anymore and will be cancelling it soon.  I did ask my loan officer to find out if it will impact my credit score and my chances of getting a home loan.  She said no.  Ha, can you believe it?

Cut up credit card-1.jpg

• I didn’t know pay phones were still around.  For sure I thought all of them disappeared from this planet.  I saw one at a hospital and was actually surprised.  I should have checked if it actually worked.

Public Pay Phone-1.jpg

• Monday was April Fools’ Day and there was no school because of Spring Break.  Saw this on Facebook and thought it would be so much fun to do this next year (assuming we’re not on Spring Break).

April Fools Day Homework-1.jpg

• I received an email from Orgain looking for in-home taste testers.  I like Orgain and immediately applied.  I remember one of the questions was about my profession and most of the options to choose from were health related.  Of course I chose none of the above and then received the message below.  I will admit I was a bit disappointed because even though I am not in the health related field, I still use Orgain and would have loved to taste test their products.


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  1. Sorry to hear about the house 🙁 That happened a couple times when we were house hunting years ago and it was always tough. Fingers crossed you find something even better soon!

  2. Too bad about the house. I bet you find a better one.

    The same thing happened to us. I think about it every time we pass that street. Unfortunately that house was so much nicer for the same price which is why it went in one day.

    • I hope so. Looking at house is so tiring and time consuming. I remember last year I saw quite a few and many were just too expensive and/or just plain horrible. I would like to move this summer since I will have more time to pack up and move.

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