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No, the baby shower wasn’t for me.  My niece (my brother’s daughter) is expecting her first child in July.  We had a small baby shower for her on Saturday.  I was in charge of the games and I was quite nervous because I was afraid that the guests wouldn’t like them.  🙂

We only had 1.5 hours for games which actually did not leave that much time (the shower was from 2:30-6:30 pm with dinner being at 4pm).  That was OK.  There were 5 games/activites and it seemed like everyone had fun.

She doesn’t have a name yet but we helped her out with some suggestions!

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This week was also my twice a year haircut!  My hair is flat straight and there isn’t much I can do with it.  I will confess that sometimes I am lazy about getting a haircut.  I think one time I waited almost a year for a haircut!  My hair was really long.  This time I just wanted to cut 3 inches off.  The stylist asked me if I wanted layers.  At first I wasn’t sure but then told her to go ahead.  I was nervous but I was pleased with the results.  I do like it!

This week’s run were great!  Since I am on Spring Break, I loved not having to be out there very early in the morning.  I was able to run once the sun was out and didn’t need any reflective gear.  The weather has been OK but I want it to be warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top.

Sunday’s run felt tough.  The workout was 3 miles warmup and 3 miles at 10:43 pace.  The last time I ran 6 miles or more was on February 3rd.  I am surprised that I did pretty good.  I will admit that I did have to stop a few times because the pace felt hard.  I remember years ago when it was “easier” to run a 10:30 pace and now I am struggling.  I have a half marathon on the 28th and my goal is just to finish it and complete a half in another state.


Spring Break is over and it is back to work tomorrow.  No, I am not ready to go back.  One more day please.

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Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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28 Comments on Weekly Run Down: A baby shower and a haircut

  1. I threw a baby shower once and was also very nervous about the games! but it all works out in the end, people generally just go along and have fun for the mom/parents-to-be and that’s really what it’s about! how cute that everyone could give suggestions for the name!

    your hair looks great! I think I would probably go much longer without a haircut if I wasn’t so busy growing out my grey and wanting to have a bit of color.

    even if you are struggling with your runs, you are trying! and nothing wrong with catching your breath during a tough session. I know it’s hard, but try not to even think about the time when it was easier. I tortured myself for a long time like that and it’s much better to just be in the present with the way that it is now. But I do get it.

    going back to work is rough – hopefully you have a good first day back tomorrow!

  2. It looks like the baby shower went well!

    I was also off from work this week and the thought of going back tomorrow makes me sad, lol. The week went by too quickly.

  3. The haircut is great! I have extremely straight (and “fine” ) hair, so layers actually give the appearance of more body and pseudo thickness. I’m actually due for a cut this week…stay tuned 😉 Thanks for linking!

  4. Cute haircut! Looks like your hair will have a nice swing to it.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to work? I’d be on board with that.

  5. Love the new ‘do! Being in charge of the games for a baby shower sounds like a daunting task. I am sure your niece was very appreciative. Good luck with your half later this month!

  6. I really love the haircut! I did not think the baby shower was for you lol. They are always fun though. Nice job getting in the 4 runs this week! Thanks for linking up with Kim and I

  7. Your hair looks beautiful! I got mine cut the week before Tokyo and I asked for layers but she didn’t give me any. She was talking so much I never really checked her work until I got home. I feel like I already need another haircut. She barely did anything! Ok rant over. The shower sounds fun and I’m glad the games went over well. I remember throwing birthday parties where we ended up with way more time than I’d planed games for. Stressful!

  8. Sounds like the baby shower went well – did people suggest good names? Your hair looks great. I have baby fine hair so I have to get it cut every 6 weeks at most. I think our spring weather is here to stay, but it’s still nippy in the morning.

    • The stylist recommended I go for a trim every couple of weeks. She said that even though my hair is straight, I still get split ends and those need to be cut off.

  9. Not a formal spring break, but I was mostly off last week too and so have that Sunday night feeling
    I love the haircut. I went the opposite – for the first time in decades, no layers. I like the blunt cut, so far.

    • I am usually OK on Sundays because I do some of the schoolwork work during the week. This week however I did NOTHING. Oh well. I will figure it out tomorrow.

  10. Love your hair! I am also lazy about getting mine done and I’m terrible about styling it, but few things feel as great as a new haircut!

    The baby shower looks awesome, too! Showers aren’t my favorite thing, so being on games duty would stress me out, too! I’m sure the mom-to-be and guests loved everything!

    Great job getting in your miles, too!

  11. Love the hair and the baby shower invites!!! It’s always so hard to go back to “normal” after spring break. I’m on break this week and I’m actually looking forward to the boys being back in school already – LOL 🙂

    • You crack me up! 🙂

      Monday and Tuesday wasn’t too bad. My students actually did pretty good. I think they were still tired too. Just 36 days left of school!

  12. The layers in your hair look great! I’m pretty bad about scheduling hair cuts too. I’ve been trying to go more frequently but it always seems like there’s something more important to do.

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