Random Thoughts Thursday

• Happy that tomorrow is Friday.  It is almost the weekend.  Going back to work on Monday was tough, but overall it wasn’t too bad.  The students did pretty good (maybe they were still tired) and the days did go by quickly.  Yesterday was our STEAM Family Night at school and we had a decent turnout.  I was EXHAUSTED at the end of the evening.

• We had some great weather at the beginning of the week and now we are back to cold weather.  I ran in shorts and short sleeve top on Monday morning.  Also, I slept in shorts on Tuesday night but had to wear pants and a sweatshirt on Wednesday because I was so cold.  It is supposed to warm up (again) and hopefully it will stay that way.

• I rarely buy anything from the vending machine.  I saw that there is an option to pay with a credit card or Apply Pay.  Love the convenience because I rarely have cash with me since I’d rather pay for everything with my credit card.

• It always irks me when I cannot find parking in front of my house.  My street has lots of two flats so there are many families with multiple cars that live on my street.  That means sometimes it is hard to find parking.  Well maybe that isn’t entirely true.  There are some spots but that requires me to walk more than I want to.  🙂 It makes me smile when I can find a spot almost in front of where I live.  What makes it even better is that sometimes I can find a spot at night!


• I always struggle with the desk setup for my students.  There is always going to be someone that doesn’t get along with others or requires more attention than others.  I saw this on Facebook and want to use it in my room but do not know which option to use.  Something else I need to remember is that I have 35 days left of school.  Should I change my setup or leave it the way it is?  🙂

Desks setup.jpg

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