Who watched the Boston Marathon yesterday?  Wasn’t it awesome!!!  The best was the men’s race!!!

I was rooting for Desi to win again and was bummed she came in 5th place.  However, whether it is 1st or 5th or 10th place, she is still AMAZING!!!


So far most of my runs have been less than 6 miles.  I do not miss marathon training AT ALL.  I had a chance to sign up for the NYC Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, and/or the Chicago Marathon through BibRave and was tempted for a bit, but at the end decided not to.  Right now I want to focus on finishing up my Race in the 50 States +1 Goal.  In a few weeks I will run in my 40th state.  

Since almost all of my runs are in the morning before work, after each run I recover by drinking lots of water with Nuun or UCAN Hydrate (Watermelon is my favorite).  I make coffee and drink that on my way to work.  Once I am at work I eat overnight oats or chia seeds with Orgain Protein Powder (chocolate is my favorite), Moringa, and almond milk.

Mason jars-2

On the weekends I will eat whatever I can find at home (not the best strategy) or sometimes I will make a smoothie or drink an Orgain shake.  If I am really tired (whether from running or work), I will spend the day on the couch watching TV.  Sometimes I will also take a nap.  Lola and I love to nap.

After a longer run or a race, I crave a burger and beer.  🙂


I have a few recovery tools but rarely use them.  I know I should.  🙁  Once in a while I will use my foam roller but that’s it.  However, I prefer to use The Stick.

The Stick-1.jpg

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23 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My favorite recovery tools

  1. The mens’ finish was so exciting! I don’t think I’ve ever seen two runners race each other to the finish line in a marathon before. It was great to see all the runners come in.

    Watching Boston didn’t make me miss running marathons either! LOL

  2. The reason I use my recovery tools is that I really feel it on the rare occasions that I don’t.

    I’m with you on not missing running long right now. I’m sure some of that is due to the weather & we didn’t even get snow! But the feels like 27 this morning is not very enticing.

    • I guess I should be using them more frequently now that my runs will be getting a bit longer. I have a few half marathon in my calendar that I need to train for this year.

      We finally had some nice weather this morning. It was in the 50s and it felt so good.

  3. I wasn’t able to watch Boston yesterday, but LOVED seeing the recaps and social media posts! That men’s finish…wow! Foam rolling has worked incredibly well for me with recovery! So have compression tights! I’m also with you – I don’t miss marathon training at ALL! Hahha!

  4. I wasn’t able to watch too much of the Boston Marathon at work yesterday, but I caught the highlights last night and all I can say is WOW! Lots of excitement yesterday and I’m glad that they didn’t have awful weather like last year.

  5. You have a awesome goal…and you are almost there.

    I was never tempted by the marathon until this year. I am nervous because of the time involved in the training. So I get it.

    I crave chocolate milk when i run long or race. I wear compression when I race…except for once (and I was injured after).

    I had to work yesterday -0boo!!

    • Thanks Darlene. It hasn’t been easy but now I think that it is time to finish it and then maybe I can go back to marathons. Who knows?

      I know what you mean about marathon training. It is time consuming, I will not lie but at the end it is a wonderful feeling!

  6. i watched Boston yesterday. I was rooting for Des too. She is just amazing! The men’s finish was just incredible. I felt so sorry for the 2nd place guy. I heard that he was the winner in 2013, the year of the bombings, and he presented his medal to the city of Boston as a gesture of solidarity. That made me like him even more.

    • If I remember correctly, it was the 3rd place runner that had a lead in the beginning? I had no idea the 2nd place guy did that. Oh wow! It was just tough to watch because of how close it was.

  7. The men’s finish was amazing!
    I don’t use my stick or foam roller as much as I should. I seem to just pull them out when I am sore.
    Napping is my favorite recovery!

  8. It was so exciting to watch the finish of the men’s race at the Boston Marathon! I have the stick too and it works so well but I have to remember to use it more.

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