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This week I went to work Monday-Wednesday.  On Thursday we had an Institute Day and Friday was Good Friday.  Even though it is a public school, we are always off on Good Friday. 

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The 2nd grade students did another art project.  This time we did an Easter Egg Wreath.  It was more work and more supplies to buy but the students had fun!

How to Make a Paper Plate Easter Egg Wreath -Easy Easter Craft for Kids

After Sunday’s weather fiasco, it warmed up to do some runs in shorts!  I was supposed to run 5 miles on Monday but had no desire to deal with the snow and did my run on Tuesday.



Thursday’s workout was 2 miles warmup, 6×25 seconds intervals with 90 seconds recovery, and 2 miles cooldown.  The warmup and cooldown felt more tough than the intervals.  I am pretty pleased with how I did though!


It did rain for bit while I was out there but I was home by the time it began to rain more.  While out on my run I saw a few male workers.  I moved to the other side of the street because I had no desire to deal with any comments/catcalls.  Would they have said something?  Maybe, I don’t know.  There have been a few times that some men have made some comments.  So annoying.

We also had some sunny but windy days where it was got cold.  On Friday I struggled just to run 3 miles.  I am loving again the Brooks Levitate 1.  Bought a pair at Nordstrom and purchased another pair from eBay.  I like those so much better than the 2s and definitely more than the Brooks Glycerin (sending those back).  


I procrastinated my run on Saturday.  I slept in till 8:30 and still did not feel like running.  I was on my computer for a few hours before deciding to get out.  I had to do 8 miles but did not want to do that with it being so windy.   I took some Generation UCAN and filled my water bottles with UCAN Hydrate.  

It was awful.  I was OK for 3 miles and then the wind sucked everything out of me.  I almost cried.  I wanted to quit.  The reason I didn’t is because of my race next weekend.  My coach wanted me to do some miles at marathon pace but I didn’t and I didn’t care.  The way I was feeling I just wanted to finish the 8 miles.

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  1. It is crazy that you had snow last week! Glad it finally warmed up for you all. It got really hot and humid around here not quite ready for that yet either. Looks like a great week all around thanks for linking up

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who crosses the road to avoid potential cat calls when I’m out running! Well done on getting those 8 miles done – sometimes just getting it done (even though not in the prescribed manner) is all that matters! Thanks for the easter wreath ideas. Kids are already in bed but that will be my activity for Easter Monday!

  3. The wind was brutal Friday and yesterday! Yesterday I got up early and ran before it picked up. I just can’t stand the wind.

    Everyone had Good Friday off but me, which explains why my schedule was full!

    • Today it was just gorgeous!!! I could have run today but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to with the errands I had to do in the morning. Oh well, it is what it is. Sometimes runs don’t go the way we want them to go.

  4. It’s crazy how much your weather changed this week! I’ll take shorts over snow this time of year. The kids’ wreaths turned out well – so cute!

  5. That sat run was me on Friday. My fault for starting so damn late. I would’ve called it quits but I still would’ve had to walk a mile back to the car & it was faster to run!

    It’s been a real pleasure being back in my running skirts!

  6. We had crazy wind here on Wednesday and Thursday, too. Just nutzo! Our weather was all over the place, but it got really nice for the weekend. Thanks for linking with us!

  7. Totally understand just wanted to get through the run and not worrying about pace. The important thing is that you didn’t quit and you got it done.

    See you next weekend!

  8. Man, the weather has been nuts, hasn’t it? Sorry to hear you had a tough run on Saturday, but you stuck with it and got it in even when you really didn’t want to, that’s commendable!

  9. That’s how I get myself out the door: I remind myself that it gets windy and that sucks! The Easter wreath is so cute. I have a post coming up about cat calls. Beyond annoying.

  10. The winds this weekend were nuts! My athletes also struggled to hit workout paces which was totally fine by me – like you said just getting out there and finishing was a mental strength win. If you can run in that, you can run in anything on race day!

  11. Super cute Easter project for the kids!
    As per usual Chicago Weather is Whack!! it does make running hard for sure.
    Its good you found a shoe you like! I’m curious if I can start looking at other shoes since my operation. For the last few years I’ve only been wearing Altra because of the foot form/wide toe box.
    I’m sorry your long run was so tough. I do know that feeling. And I think sometimes it’s ok to just get it done as plan B when Plan A just isn’t happening.

  12. Great job finishing that tough run in the wind! The wind can really suck the energy out of you 🙁 I had a windy run last week where it felt like the wind was just blowing all the pollen into my face. But yay for the warmer weather and running in shorts!

  13. I had a total crap run this week and would have quit… but I had to get back home 🙁 Those windy runs are hard!! I’m not sure if I’ll be wearing shorts for my marathon on Sunday, but for sure some capris or something light. Love the Easter craft!

  14. Congrats for sticking it out for all 8 miles!! I’ve definitely had those runs where my coach directed me to do certain paces and, in the moment, I’m like “nope!” and I couldn’t care less!! I hope that mental toughness pays off on race day!! 🙂

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