Random Thoughts Thursday

• Honestly I don’t understand the point of Easter baskets.  Maybe because as a child I never got one?  On Sunday I saw on my Facebook feed so many pictures of Easter baskets and couldn’t comprehend why they’re such a big deal.

• I love coffee cream.  I know it isn’t healthy and sometimes I use almond milk in my coffee instead of cream.  Anyway, I saw a Peeps coffee cream at Target and almost bought it.  Then I remembered that I don’t like Peeps.  Has anyone tried it?

Coffee Creamer-1.jpg

• As you know, I love all sorts of pens and have lots of them in my classroom.  I found this at home and have NO idea how that happened.  The ink is blue but the cap is black.  It is giving me anxiety.  🙂


 • On Monday I went to a meeting in the afternoon at another school.  I had to leave during my lunch time (11:30 and the meeting was at 12:00).  I was very annoyed that not only was lunch not provided, but water wasn’t either.  I mean, really?  Nothing.  No food.  No water.  Last fall I went to an all day meeting and no food and no water.  Not even coffee!  Who has a meeting like that?

• I’ve had my car since 2006.  It has over 105,000 miles.  I love it but know that eventually I will have to get another one.  Last week I noticed a small crack on the passenger side of the windshield.  Within a few days that crack had spread to the driver side.  I called Safelite and got an appointment for Tuesday.  I went in at 3:30 and my car was ready in an hour.  They provided great service!  As much as I enjoyed their service, I hope I never have to go there again.  🙂

Windshield Crack-1.jpg


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