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I am so happy that I got my 5 runs done this week!  But boy was I tired.  

As usual the weather has been changing almost every single day.  I was cold on Tuesday when I ran 5 miles.


Wednesday’s workout was 3×3 minutes and 6×1 minute intervals with 2 minutes recovery.  I love how light it is earlier in the morning.  I can leave my house without wearing a headlamp.  I ran in shorts and compression socks.  Great workout but I was tired at the end.



I had to run 3 miles on Thursday but woke up very tired.  I slept in and felt much better.  I did my run on Friday morning.  Picture below is using the portrait filter in my iPhone.  🙂


Friday we went to The Field Museum.  It has been years since I’ve been there.  We thought the students would be bored but in fact they loved it!

Saturday morning was back at The Arboretum.  I had to run 8 miles with 6 miles warmup and 2 at a faster pace.  I will admit that I didn’t think I could do it with the hills.  I did 4 and then turned around to do another 4.  Mile 4 is mostly downhill so I struggled with mile 5 since it was uphill.  Mile 6 was mostly trying to recover.  I took a Huma Gel at mile 4 and it must have kicked in after mile 6 because miles 7 and 8 were my fastest!  Definitely a GREAT feeling!


Sunday was back at Lake Katherine.  It was cloudy and humid but still very pretty and peaceful.

Overall almost 25 miles for the week.  Pretty pleased with how I did.  Excited to see how I do next week.

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  1. Congrats on pushing through those hills! It was chilly here as recent as Tuesday but hot today — upper 80s! The lake looks lovely!

  2. I love all your pics from the trails! I like running in the “city,” but it’s a nice change of scene getting away from all of the cars and noise…not that I get opportunity to do that very often LOL Great week for you! Thanks for linking!

  3. I always loved the days when I could leave my house and run before school without a headlamp. The end (of the school year) is near! Great miles this week.

  4. Solid week of workouts! Your trip to the museum has me itching to go, I cant remember the last time I was there. Hopefully I can make it to a free day this year 🙂

  5. 5 days of running is great! Looks like your speed intervals went well too. Have a great week and thanks for linking up

  6. super good week Zenaida!! and I remember going to the Field Museum when I was a kid!! I LOVED it! I still do – one of my favorites!!

  7. Great week! Way to get in all the runs and crush those fast paced miles!

    I love the Field Museum, but haven’t been in forever. I’m sure it’s changed a lot!

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