Yes, I am a solo runner and I am OK with it.

When I first started running back in 2005, running wasn’t a “thing”.  At least to me it wasn’t.  I didn’t know many people that ran nor were any of my friends runners.  Over the years I met more people that ran and now many of my friends are runners.

For my first marathon in 2006, I trained with CARA and would meet up with my group on the weekend for my long runs.  I did a few other marathons for charity and also trained with CARA. 

Picture below is from my first marathon – The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon in October 2016.  It was cold.  Then the following year it was blistering HOT and the race was cancelled.

4, 2006 Chicago Marathon 2

I also trained with Chicago Endurance Sports for a marathon and several half marathons.  I liked it so much that I became a pacer!  Still many times I doubted myself and thought that I wasn’t a good pacer.

I started training with Mary in November of 2017.  I did most of my runs by myself and outside in the cold weather.  In the past I would do many runs on the treadmill.  That winter was an eye opener for me because I ran outside (about 95% of my runs were outside) and I learned so much about winter gear.  I actually liked my runs.  This past winter was a different story as it was just a bitter and cold winter.

Cold Anna

There are so many running groups/clubs in Chicago.  While I do like the camaraderie of running with a group, I still prefer running alone.  Let me tell you why.

• Alone/quiet time – This is the time that I think about my personal goals, work goals, plans, etc.  I listen to music and actually enjoy listening to the songs on my playlist.  This may be mean but I don’t like listening to anyone’s conversation during a race, so for sure I don’t want to listen to anyone’s on a run.  Bottom line, I don’t like to talk to anyone when I am running.  🙂

Constance Zimmer Shut Up GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

• Set my own pace – My easy runs are “slow”.  I don’t want anyone waiting for me nor do I want to run faster just to catch up to other runners.  While running alone I can slow down (or walk) when I want to or pick up the pace if I want to as well.  

• Sometimes I don’t want to run – Life happens and sometimes I am too tired to get up and run.  I simply turn off my alarm and go back to sleep.  I won’t feel bad bailing on a group because there is no group.  

• I run very early in the morning – I don’t think anyone wants to run with me so early in the morning.  Depending on my run, I am up and ready to go by 5.  

However, I won’t say no if someone wants to run with me.  But who would want to after reading this post?  Haha.  I will make sure to tell that person that I will not be talking during a run.  Would YOU run with me?  Probably not.  🙂

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15 Comments on Tuesday Topics: I am a solo runner

  1. I can definitely appreciate all of these things about solo running and although I love it, I also love running with a group. (I’m a mixture of both!) I love talking while running with someone because the miles seem to fly by! 🙂

  2. Even when I run with a group no one talks, lol. We all have our music on but I think I just like the idea that you have other people running with you.

    I totally understand what you mean about pace – I hate when I feel like I am holding someone back because my pace is slower than theirs.

  3. That’s the magic quality of running…we all get to do it OUR way 😉 It took me awhile to acclimate to talking while running, but now I like it because it forces me to keep things slower than I would if I was on my own. Long runs are meant to be slow, and I have a tough time keeping my long legs under control. That said, I DO enjoy my solo runs as well because I can be more spontaneous with them regarding distance and pace (or potty stops).

  4. I don’t mind listening to people talk sometimes but I can run comfortably with a silent group.
    I would run with you. 🙂

  5. I am totally like you. While I wouldn’t turn out a run with someone, more often than not, I prefer and choose to run alone (for the same reasons that you stated!).

  6. LOL, I love your honesty. You’d be surprised how many women in my MRTT group meet up for 5 am runs, and we’re big enough to match paces, but it still requires more planning than I can pull off most weekdays. I love having someone to talk to on long runs. 😉

Thank you for your comment!