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Thank you for your comments in my post last week about my mother’s stroke and recovery.  Now that school is over, I hope it isn’t as hectic and I won’t feel so stressed out.  I am still planning on helping out whenever I can, but at least now I won’t have to deal with the work and stress from school.

This week was a slow week in my running.  I felt tired and didn’t feel like running.  I finally made it out on Friday.  Maybe I felt good because it was the last day of school?  Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do.  I do enjoy teaching.  This year was rough with some of my students.  Plus, add in everything else that has to be done (like testing and more testing) and it takes out some of the joy of teaching.  My ideal job is for one day to be a math interventionist.  I already have my math endorsement but just waiting for a position to open up in my school.  I hope soon.

I ran 2 miles on Friday and it felt great. 


Saturday I went back to The Arboretum to run 10 miles.  It was a perfect day for running but I struggled on my run.  Managed to do 7.72 miles.  I saw a turtle about one mile in and it freaked me out.  Well, not really the turtle (how scary can it be?) but I guess seeing an animal kind of surprised me since I’ve never seen one there.

On Friday I had my students make Father’s Day cards.  I know it is a bit early but at least they will have one for that day.

My classroom at the end of the day.   A little sad to leave (I will miss my students) but happy to get a break.

Earlier that day I received a email from Brooks Running that really pissed me off.  What the heck!  I like their shoes and have used them for a number of years and plan to continue running in them.  But, yes, I am annoyed.  

Brooks Running-1

This is their True Blue Guarantee.  Some shoes I have used and returned because, well, I did not like them.  Others I returned new because I ordered too many (they were on sale) and then did not need them anymore.  I feel like I’ve been personally attacked.

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I know, I know, I need to stop worrying about it so much since there are other things I should worry about instead of an email from Brooks Running.  At least I can still buy shoes at Running Warehouse. 🙂  Speaking of shoes, anyone see these?  So pretty, right?

Brooks Shoes-13

Brooks Shoes-14

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27 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Banned from Brooksrunning and summer break

  1. That’s really bizarre from Brooks. I just returned three things to Amazon in a row and was worried I would get blacklisted, I have to admit. How annoying. I’d be upset, too!

  2. Wow! That seems like cutting off their nose to spite their face from Brooks. I’m really kind of shocked that they would do that.

    I identify with turtles so I always like seeing them on the run!

  3. Oh, I’d be pissed at Brooks too! I know stores worry about fraudulent return patterns — I bet some computer program flagged you. Seeing a turtle like that would startle me for sure. I freak out when I see deer, but then there is a slight danger if they get spooked and run towards me instead of away. I just caught up on your Tuesday post – I hope your mom continues to improve.

    • Yep, I was flagged and now I cannot order from their site. Ha, perhaps I can use a different address? You think they’ll notice? Haha. No, I’ll just order from Running Warehouse and hope I won’t get flagged there too. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on making it through the end of the school year! I know that this time of year is so rough for teachers.

    That Brooks Running email gave me pause. I thought the whole idea of their return policy was for you to be satisfied with their sneakers? And you do SO much business with them! It seems like if they were genuinely concerned a phone call would have been better vs that cold email.

    • Thanks Kim. I had been looking forward to this day since the first day after Winter Break. 🙂 I do buy a lot of Brooks shoes. If it wasn’t for the fact that I love them very much, I would be looking for another shoe brand.

  5. So…the True Blue Guarantee has some strings that are not spelled out in the advertising. Ugh! I don’t like that at all.

    Listen to your body. It will tell you when it is ready to run again. In the meantime, take care of your mom and relax a little bit at the beginning of summer vacation.

    • Exactly! I feel like writing a 2nd email (I did reply after the first one) to let them know that they need to make it clear on the website. No where in there do they state any kind of limit or warning.

      Thanks for the advice. Yes, I do plan to do all of that!

  6. Our local schools had so many snow/cold days this year that they don’t get out until Thursday this week. I saw a snake on my race yesterday…it was dead…but YUCK! It was big. The hubby said he saw two…glad I didn’t see the second one LOL

    • We had two snow days during the Polar Vortex but they didn’t count “against” us since they were electronic days or something like that. Teachers had to leave work for those two days so in a way it seemed like we were not off since the kids had work to do.

  7. I missed the news about your mom. Glad she’s on the mend.
    So frustrating re: Brooks. Guess it’s not a guarantee after all. I’ve never worn them, but stories like this make me want to vote with my wallet
    SOmetimes I think teachers need the breaks more than students

    • I was very surprised with the email! And shocked too! I am glad my mom is doing better too. Yesterday we went to my uncle’s wake and so many people commented that she is looking much better too. Haha, so true that we need the break more than the students.

    • Haha, I know. I am a very loyal customer. I think it wouldn’t have come this far if I were a Run Happy Ambassador. 🙂 However, some of those ambassadors is a different story for another day.

  8. hmm..I didn’t know companies could do that. I ordered several “online only” dresses recently for a gala and none of them fit. So I had to return them all! I might get blacklisted from Nordstroms!

    • I have also returned a couple of items from Nordstrom. Most of them were Oiselle items but now Nordstrom doesn’t sell them anymore so it won’t be a problem. Whew, no blacklist from Nordstrom!

  9. Whaaat? Wow! I’d be shocked by that Brooks email as well. Knowing me I’d be tempted to find a different shoe brand. I know you love your Brooks though. We have turtles all over the place here. It’s like Wild Kingdom, I swear. Cheers to the end of the school year! Enjoy the break!

    • I do love my Brooks or I would probably be leaning towards Mizuno or Saucony. It feels so weird to be in break because for 9 months I was on the go and even more after my mom’s stroke. Glad to be getting a bit of a break now to relax and get ready for August.

  10. What a weird email from Brooks. I would have been bothered by that too. I’m glad you’re getting a bit of a break with the end of the school year 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

  11. Hi Zenaida, I’ve been a bit out of the loop with blogs so I didn’t know about your mom. I hope she continues to get better! Maybe your running was also a bit off because of that situation? Weird about Brooks. I would likely not buy from them anymore. I mean I don’t know your order history but if they have in writing that you can try them and/or immediately ship them back, then what’s the problem? The ones you posted are indeed really cute.

    • Thank you! Things are better for my mom. Right now taking it day by day. I am sure that must have affected me in my runs. I know that I can take a day off to rest/recover/relax and then I will get back to running. Running is a hobby so for sure if I don’t feel like running then I just don’t run. I would love to be an ambassador or a product tester but I’ll probably won’t be selected either. 🙂

  12. I live across the street from a lake so I see turtles all.the.time. I have even helped some cross the road because I see a lot of dead ones too 🙁
    That email from Brooks is crazy!? I mean, just how many pairs of shoes did you return? I would think, no matter what, they wouldn’t completely blacklist you but maybe give you some sort of “warning?” Very rude and I would be pissed too!!

    • That is so sad about the turtles. 🙁 I did return a lot of shoes but that is why they have that policy, right? It is meant for runners to try out the shoes and return them if they’re not happy with them. Oh well. it is what it is and i hope one day I can order from them again. If not then I will go with Running Warehouse.

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