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What a week!  It was my first week of summer school and it went by fast.  I like the schedule.  I start at 8am and get off at 12:15pm.  My last day is Wednesday, July 3rd.  Not bad huh?  Currently I have 12 students and hope I don’t get more.  I have 3 that are so well behaved and pleasant.  However, I have 6 that cannot read.  How is that possible?  Very sad and depressing.  My students will be going to 2nd grade in August.

Monday was 3 miles in the morning.  Great but sweaty run!  After school I did laundry and then and took a nap with Lola.  🙂

Tuesday was 5 miles and it was also a sweaty one.  Great weather for a run!  My sister and nephew flew in from San Antonio and they will be here for a week.  They’re both here to see my mom and other family members and to celebrate his HS graduation.

I was supposed to do a speed workout on Thursday but could not get up in the morning.  I was so tired.  Then I thought maybe I could do it Friday morning.  Nope.  After school on Friday I met a friend for lunch and then came home and took a nap.

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Again with the crazy weather.  While it has been warm in the afternoon, it is a little chilly in the morning and evening.  During the winter I use a blanket to sleep and during the summer a sheet.  Now I get cold at night and need a blanket.  All day Thursday I felt cold and like I was getting sick.  I emailed my coach about missing my Thursday workout and not being up for running 13 miles on Saturday.  She told me to do my best, rest up, and get better.  I felt better on Friday and went to bed that night with the intention of running 13 miles (being positive).

On Saturday I went to the lake instead of The Arboretum.  My sister was having a graduation party for my nephew and she wanted me to be home as early as possible.  Well, I wanted to be home early too for a nap.  🙂

I drank Generation UCAN in the morning and also made my own gel to use on my run.  Elizabeth uses UCAN on her runs and gave me the idea to make a gel.  I used a reusable food pouch to store the gel.  While I like the cranberry raspberry in the liquid format, I was not a big fan of it in the gel format.  It tasted funny.  I also have chocolate and will try that next in a gel (I like it mixed with water).

The weather was perfect!  Marathon training has begun and there were so many people out there.  The last time I ran on the lakefront was 3 weeks ago.  I was surprised to see some parts of the path flooded.  The ducks were enjoying it!

I don’t think I’ve ever run 13 miles while training for a half marathon.  I felt good at the beginning and then slowly got tired.  I was supposed to run 7 miles as a warmup, 4 at marathon pace (10:43) and 2 as a cooldown.  I did not hit the marathon pace.  I tried.  However, I am proud for running 13 miles and felt better at the end than when I ran 10 miles last week.  I had some UCAN gel at 6.5 miles and then again 3 miles later.  The food pouch was so easy to use and I am planning to use it again for future long runs.


I wore a new Oiselle tank and goodness sake but that thing chafed the heck out of me.  It was painful and so uncomfortable.  There was even some blood on the tank.  I love the look of it and the material but definitely not made for a long and sweaty run.

There was a Color Run Race going on and for some reason I have never been interested in them.  You?  They do look fun though!

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  1. Way to go on the 14 mile run! Sorry to read about the chafing. I have never been interested in a color run either but my hubby and I ran through color runs twice while on training runs. Once was near our home at a nearby park and once in Pittsburgh as we ran on a river trail. Hubby absolutely hated it! 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your summer school!

    • I know that school just ended and we are back at summer school. I like it because once I am done with it, I can enjoy a few weeks of summer before the start of another school year.

    • Thanks! I’ve made it once before but now I think I will continue to make it. I have two UCAN tubs so might as well use them up instead of buying gels.

  2. Is that the passport tank? I totally got neck chafing a few weeks ago wearing the passport tank! How sad, because I also love the look and material, but the seam is in a bad place:(

    Great job on the 13 miler! Even if you didn’t quite hit the marathon pace, the effort was probably there in the summer humidity. I can’t believe that flooding! It’s so fun this time of year when everyone is out kicking off their marathon training and the energy is so optimistic 🙂

    • Yes it is the passport tank. I think it is very pretty but the chafing is terrible. I agree too that the seam is in a bad place and that is why I chafed.

      I am definitely proud of running 13 mile even if i didn’t hit the paces I was supposed to. Training is hard no matter what. Sometimes we have bad runs and sometimes we have bad runs.

  3. I guess we were twinning Thursday & Friday. I felt ok, just didn’t feel like running (and luckily there is no reason for me to do it if I’m not feeling it).

    Great job getting in a half marathon training run! Sometimes we hit paces, and sometimes we just don’t. Don’t let it get you do. Not to mention, you still have a lot on your plate!

  4. There were a few students I worked with this year who also weren’t able to read by the end of first grade. It’s becoming a bigger problem across CPS I think.
    The flooding on the path is nuts! With all the rain we’ve had, the lake levels are a lot higher than I can ever remember them. I hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble this summer.

    • The worst part about it is that we cannot hold anyone back. These kids go on to the next grade even if they are not doing grade level work.

      I’ve never seen it that high but yes it is because of all of the rain. It just never stops!!! Ugh!

  5. That’s a great long run!! Way to go on getting it done. I’ve done one color run. ONE. I did it with a co-worker, who wound up bringing her kid along, so she ran it with her kid and I was on my own. UGH. Never again, unless I have a fun group of friends along with me LOL Thanks for linking with us 😉

  6. I don’t think my comment went through…anyways, great job on getting the long run done! I have only done one color run. ONE. It was with a co-worker, who wound up bringing her kid along, so she ran it with the daughter and I was on my own. Never again, unless I have several friends along with me LOL (and then, maybe).

  7. I’ve never run 13 as a training run. Good for you getting it done.

    Color runs have never tempted me.

    • Thanks Darlene! I think the most I’ve done is either 11 or 12 miles. Bubble runs haven’t tempted me either. I am more about the competition and having a goal going into a race.

  8. Those are really great hours for summer school!

    That’s such a good idea to make your own gel from the UCAN. Hopefully you will like the next flavor that you try out. Great job on your long run this morning too.

  9. Way to go on the long run, but yikes on the chafing! I hope it’s not too bad. I’ve never been enticed by color runs — I don’t want to get stuff in my eyes!

  10. Short summer session, or is there another that follows. Sad about the non readers.
    Your poor chest — I chafe there the worst.
    Congrats on the 13 mile run

  11. Great job with that 13 miles! It looks like you had some pretty views during it. Yikes on that chafing… that definitely doesn’t sound like a shirt made for running then 🙁 I did a color run once years ago with friends. We had fun but it was definitely tough on the breathing! I wore a bandana over my face and still inhaled some of the color.

    • Thank you! Running on the lakefront is always great with the view. I can just imagine trying to clean up your nose and seeing how colorful it is. 🙂

  12. Love that you got that 13 miler done but boooo for that Oiselle shirt! When you’re already tired and running long, the last thing you need is a painful chafe spot!! Hope this is a better running week and good luck with your young readers 🙂

    • I am bummed about the Oiselle shirt because I really like it. I guess I can only wear it on shorter runs and for just casual wear. I sat down yesterday with one of my students and read a short story that had repeated words. My goal is to have her read it correctly and fluently by the time summer school is done.

  13. you are training for Chicago marathon, right?

    I love all the napping. Sounds like something I would do haha! Sad though that some of your students can’t read.

    I got a bad chafe on my arm from one of my InkNBurn tops. I love INB and it was only that top that did it so I don’t really understand why!!

    Well done on your miles! I have done one Color Run and I hated it ! haha! And I got SO MUCH flack for it when I wrote a blog post about it. Yeah, sorry, I don’t have to like everything that “everyone else” likes!

    • I am not training for the marathon but am training for a couple of half marathons. Napping is something that I need to do in order to get through the day. The majority of my naps are on the weekends and on the days I don’t have school or come home early. There have been a few times that I come home from work (around 4) and still take a nap. 🙂

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