Random Thoughts Thursday

• I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!  This day is extra special for me because my family (mom, brother, and 5 sisters) came to Chicago in 1978.  I was 5 years old and do remember getting here.  One of my fondest memories is seeing the Sears Tower.  <<To me it will always be the Sears Tower instead of the Willis Tower.

2019 4th of July-1.jpg

• Wednesday was my last day of summer school.  I guess I can finally say I am officially on summer break?  Now I will have so much time on my hands.  Haha, just kidding.  I will be spending lots of time with my mother and taking her to various doctor appointments.  I also want to do some decluttering since I have so much stuff in my apartment.

Summer Break.jpg

• Saw this on Facebook and it is so true.  Unless you are a teacher or were a teacher, you have no idea how much work we get done or what is expected from us.  Administrators like to forget they were once teachers and make all of these decisions that sometimes make no sense.

Teachers and Reality Shows.jpg

• I know some teachers have been out of school for weeks but what is up with stores already out with back to school stuff?  I went to Michaels and did see some cute stuff I wanted to buy but didn’t.  🙁

• Saw this project on the Michaels’ app and decided to do it with my students.  Haha, I had to modify it a little it but they had fun.  That’s the important thing, right?

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  1. Teaching really is a full-time job – with unpaid overtime! If you don’t by those cute back to school things now, won’t they be gone in August? It’s crazy but that’s what seems to happen.

    • They might be so I should get them now with a coupon that I have. My coworker took pictures of the first day of school and last day for each of her students and gave them their picture.

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