Random Thoughts Thursday

• Thanks to Facebook for the reminders.  This was one of the best vacations ever.  I was away for 3 weeks and spent 1 week in Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru.

Facebook Memories-1.jpg

 • On Monday I took my mom to the doctor.  While in the elevator I was reminded again of some important people.  It was actually very helpful.  When we were done, I knew my car was in the Eleanor Roosevelt floor.  🙂

Elevator Car Locations.jpg

• Excited to try these for my next race.  I am a big fan of my Fitletic Running Belt but want to use something different for my next race next weekend.  Have you used them?


• My niece, my brother’s daughter, had a baby girl yesterday.  Another baby in the family!  She doesn’t have a name yet, but cannot wait to meet here.

• With so many back to school sales going on now, it is tempting to buy all of the things.  Saw this on Facebook.  I am not a new teacher but it is so true.  Need to remember that the next time I go to Target or Michaels.Teachers save money.jpg

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  1. I haven’t tried those bib board before. I use race dots even though they can be annoying sometimes! I’m sure that teacher advice is true, but having a bright, cheerful and organized classroom can help with a positive day too. But you don’t need all the Target trappings to do that!

    • I haven’t heard of Race Dots but am excited about BibBoard. I am trying not to buy anything new for my classroom. I have pretty much everything I need. Instead I want to spend money on incentives such as snacks and toys. We have very limited resources in Spanish so I end up buying stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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