Weekly Mileage-20.jpgHello August!  I am excited for it because it means Fall will be here soon.  It is my favorite season.  August also means back to school.  I have 3 weeks left of summer break.  I have a few meetings/PD this coming week and then will have a chance to set up my classroom.  I checked the roster and so far I have 17 students.  It is a good number but I know it will change in the next couple of weeks.

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I ended July with 58.72 miles.  It is my 2nd lowest mileage month after February with 21.52 miles.

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Still not running as much before and that is OK with me.  I did run Monday through Wednesday with 7.31 miles for the week.  It cooled down this week and my runs felt pretty good.  I just realized that my next half marathon is in 11 weeks.  I’ve been checking out various 12 weeks training plans and there are so many.  Do you have a good one I could use?


This was Lola waiting for me on one of my runs.  I guess she does miss me when I’m gone.  🙂


On Wednesday my mom and I went to The Great American Bagel.  We both enjoyed our bagel with jalapeño cream cheese.  I remember there used to be one at Midway Airport and I would get one before boarding the plane.  

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Now the exciting news is that I finally ordered a Peloton bike!  Earlier I received an email to schedule the delivery.  It will be delivered Tuesday, August 13.  I’ve been wanting one for months!  Kim gave me her referral code and I was able to get $100 off my purchase towards accessories (she will also get $100 towards her accessories purchase.)  I bought the bike mat and a heart rate monitor.

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My week might not have been THAT exciting but to me it was perfect.  🙂

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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26 Comments on Weekly Run Down: August and a Peloton Bike

  1. Speaking of Peloton, they emailed me the code today for the Peloton boutique so I’ll be doing some online shopping later, lol. I can’t wait for you to get the bike!

    Like you, I also love all and am counting down the days to cooler weather 🙂

  2. That’s exciting about the Peloton bike! I have heard so many awesome things about the workouts (via Kim and Deborah). Hard to believe it’s August and back-to-school is upon us…well, not for me anymore LOL, but it’s crazy in the stores with all the school supplies everywhere 😉

  3. Everyone seems to love their Peletons! I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it. 11 weeks is plenty of time to train for a half.

    And Gizmo made absolutely no bones that he missed me whenever I was gone!

    • I live on the 2nd floor and Lola sometimes likes to go down the stairs with me and wait for me. She also likes to explore the building since I am sure she gets bored. 🙂

  4. Enjoy your Peloton! I know you are going to love it as much as Kim and I do. It’s been a life saver for me this summer with the heat. Thanks for linking up and please remember to comment on the hosts’ blogs when you drop your link thanks 🙂

  5. HOORAY FOR THE PELOTON!!! that’s excellent news 🙂 We don’t have them available here or I’d likely end up getting one eventually. So I’ll just continue going to the gym for now.

    Love Lola’s look haha – my cats are always like “why are you back here so soon?”

    Enjoy the rest of your time off!

  6. Have fun with your new bike! It’s crazy how close the start of school is…I am still in denial, I planned to get so much more done over the summer!

  7. Wow! 17 students would be an awesome class size. I don’t use a formal training plan for a half marathon anymore. I hope you find a good one! So many fitness bloggers are enjoying their Pelotons. I hope you love yours!

  8. That’s exciting news about the Peleton! I hear so many people love them. My cats are always happy when I come back from a run in the Summer but that’s because they’re weirdos who like to lick the salt off me. I keep having to shoo them away from me when I come back inside.

  9. It must feel conflicting this time of year with your favorite season approaching and it also being time for you to head back to school after your summer of relaxing.

    I hope you get your mom’s health insurance sorted out. That’s got to be quite frustrating.

    Have a great week!

  10. Woohoo, a new bike!!! That is awesome! I can recommend Hal Higdon plans (from the website), and also a plan from Another Mother Runner (I used the one from their Train Like a Mother book) I have enjoyed using a plan from both of them.

    • Good to know. I checked out Hansons Method since I’ve used it before but now am wondering if running 6 days a week would be ideal with school starting soon.

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