Random Thoughts Thursday

• It is beginning to feel like Fall.  I love this weather!  Fall is my favorite season.  I hope it lasts (unlike summer) since I’ve heard that we are supposed to have another COLD winter.  

• Haha, this made me laugh.  This summer I told my coworker that I want to do less complaining during the school.  It is hard but so far I think it is going well.  I pick my battles and don’t get stressed out about things that I cannot control (homework, parent involvement, etc).  

Glass half empty.jpg

• Plantar fasciitis sucks!  I went out for a run on Monday and could not finish it because the pain was unbearable.   I purchased a night splint and socks but do they really help?

 • Second week of school and I’ve said these to my students way too many times.  One thing I’ve noticed about my students this year is that they talk A LOT.  Let me clarify.  I do like that kids talk to participate, express how they feel, let me know what is going on, etc.  However, there is a time for that.  My kids talk all of the time and don’t stop even if I remind them that they need to stop talking  when they’re in line or when I am talking.

What teachers say.jpg

• Another cat photo because this makes me laugh.  🙂 


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  1. Ugh, I hadn’t heard anything about Winter yet. Maybe I need to plan another mid Winter half somewhere at least semi warm (even though I really loathe training through winter).

    Kids are so LOUD. I don’t think I was ever that loud as a kid!

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