Random Thoughts Thursday

• The search for the “perfect” house continues.  I do like where I live so sometimes I feel like not moving.  Packing up all of the stuff I have here is not exciting.  But then I remember that it would be nice to have more room for when my mom comes over.  She usually stays with me on the weekends or during the week when she has doctor appointment.  I hope I can move before the winter.  🙂

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• I recently signed up for a Blogilates account.  I was about to enter my “regular” password (I know I am not supposed to use the same one but how the heck am I supposed to remember all of them?) when I saw that my password had to be 12 characters long.  Umm, what?  Good grief! 

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• My kids talk too much but not enough when they’re supposed to.  I’ve repeatedly told them when they can and cannot talk.  But when I ask them a question about a math problem or something we just read, they have no idea what I am talking about.  I feel like either I am missing something or not doing something right.

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 • I am excited for these upcoming Peloton classes during Hispanic Heritage Month.  Right now I am loving the classes with 80s music but for sure would love some Spanish music.

Peloton Hispanic Month-1.jpg

• No wonder!  I can sometimes hear Lola roaming the hallway in the middle of the night.  What is she doing?  Sometimes I do wonder if she does see or sense something out there.  Well not exactly a ghost but definitely something that spikes her curiosity.

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  1. I have a password protected document on my computer (and I keep a copy on a flash drive + emailed myself a copy) that lists my passwords on all sites. So, I only have to remember my password on the excel file (and not the individual web sites + my web sites have different emails).

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