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What’s not to like about taper time?  I for one do love it and always looked forward to it when I was training for a marathon.  

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So what is taper time and what is the big deal with it?  Tapering starts right after completing your last long run (which is usually 20-23 miles but depending on your training plan and/or coach).  During this time you reduce the mileage each week allowing you to rest and recover and be ready for marathon day.  Many runners think that during this time they lose fitness because of the reduced mileage.  That is not true. 

Many other great things happen during taper. Tapering allows muscle glycogen stores to return to peak levels.  Metabolic enzymes, antioxidants, and various hormones, depleted during training, return to their optimal ranges.  Muscle and connective tissues repair and strengthen.  And, the body’s immune system improves dramatically too.  In short, tapering allows your body to prepare for peak performance.” (Source: www.runnersworld.com)

During this time people notice a weight gain of 2 to 4 pounds.  Basically it is carbohydrate and water being stored which you will need as you run 26.2 miles.  

What else can you do during this time?
• Drink plenty of fluids and cut down on alcohol and caffeine.
• Protein is your friend.  Have more of it.  
• Eat more food with complex carbohydrates but also include traditional sources of it like rice, fruit and legumes.  

GO RUN 26.2 MILES!!!

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So what is your opinion, love or hate taper time?
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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: I love taper time

  1. I’m not sure if what I do is really a taper, but for longer races (10 miler and half) I cut back each run by a mile on race week and then take the day before off. Running less than I normally would really, really makes me want to run so I start daydreaming about my race. I have to imagine that the process is much more intense for a marathon.

  2. I think I ignore the taper. Definitely don’t cut down on caffeine.

    The marathon is new for me. So I will cut back on those long runs. Looking forward to that.

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