Random Thoughts Thursday

• I have a half marathon on Sunday and I am definitely not ready for it.  My training hasn’t been great due to plantar fasciitis.  My foot does feel better but I am wondering if I should even attempt to run 13.1 miles.  My longest run was 6 miles in September.

• On Sunday I met a few friends to spectate the Chicago Marathon.  This was my favorite sign.  🙂

2019 Chicago Marathon-6.jpg

• Chicago public school teachers are on strike!  I don’t work in Chicago but I definitely understand and support the teachers.  Today was day 1 of picketing so who knows how long the strike will last.  Our school contract is up next year in June so we’ll also be negotiating for a new contract.

2019 Chicago Strike-1.jpg• Can you believe someone ran a 1:59:40 marathon?  It is truly AMAZING!  I can’t even run a half marathon in that time and to know that someone ran double the distance is unbelievable. 

Marathon Record-1.jpg

Source: Runner’s World

• Love the new Brooks Running Ghost 12 shoes.  I have the 11s and they’re so comfortable!  But mine are nicer, right?

Brooks Shoes-17

Brooks Shoes-3

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  1. Everyone is different, but I can tell you I wouldn’t run a half with that little training — it’s not about pride or pace, it’s about injury prevention for me. I ran a disastrous half once when I was injured and was in so much pain for so long afterward. 🙁 But I was somewhat new to running back then & just didn’t know better.

    Listen to your heart. Remind yourself why you wanted to do the half in the first place, and see if those reasons are still really calling to you. Consider if this will help or hurt the recovery of your feet. Good luck whatever you decide!

  2. I was recovering from an injury and my longest was 6 too. So I did run the half. But after 7 miles I walked until I got to the finish line. I was slow but enjoyed the race and did not re-injure myself.

    Love the NYC shoes. I need them right?

  3. I have a half coming up in 2 weeks that i am also not prepared to run (I am coming back from a stress fracture). A friend is running with me and we plan to run/walk every other mile (run 1 – walk 1 – run 1 – walk 1…..etc). Maybe that could be the way to go so you still get the medal and don’t lose the $$$.

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