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Whew!  I can honestly say that this week went by fast!  As usual, it was busy at work but still very productive.  Parent/teacher conferences are on November 12th.  Our school is doing student led conferences and I need to get some of my students ready for it.  The main difference from traditional conferences is that in student led conferences, the students do most of the talking.  I know I complain that my students talk a lot but yeah no so much for conferences.  I have 16 students and will be doing individual/traditional conferences for 9 of them.

I am not sure what is going on but I was very tired l after school.  I took a few naps.  Did the race affect me that much?

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I will have my race recap on Tuesday.  The Detroit Free Press TCF Half Marathon was so much fun.  The best part was running in Canada.  If you want to run it next year, the date is October 18, 2020.  Save the date!

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Monday morning I saw a gorgeous sunrise!  


My mother spends the weekend with me and my sister.  It gives her a change of scenery plus it gives my sister a break (the one she lives with).  Her caregiver drops her off on Thursday afternoon and then I take her home on Sunday evening.  

On Thursday, after my nap, I was craving pozole.  I called a local restaurant to make sure they were selling it.  They did so my mother and I went there.  It was yummy!

Saturday morning I woke up very cold.  I did not want to run.  I am NOT ready for this “cold” weather.  Well, I finally went out for 2 miles.  I overdressed.  I was warm and sweating and it was OK.  🙂


My babies finally cuddled!  Mateo is a trouble maker and likes to pick on Lola.  He chases her, bites her,  and jumps on her ready to play.  She does not like it at all.   There were both on the sofa napping and then somehow Mateo moved closer to Lola and went back to sleep.

Today’s run was GORGEOUS!!!  It was warmer than yesterday.  I ran 3 miles and in shorts.  Fall is my favorite season!  On December 14 I will be running the Kiawah Island Half Marathon.  I have my ticket but still need to find a place to stay.  I leave Friday morning and will come back on Saturday after the race.  I might go in on Thursday or stay an extra night so I can explore a bit.  Have you been there?


I don’t really hate Halloween but I do hate how chaotic it is at school.  Students are allowed to come to school in costumes, so you can imagine the excitement.  Because of said excitement, students are not in the mood to work so it is hard to do any teaching.  Plus, we have a parade around 1 and then a Halloween party.  I believe the party is optional but really can I say “No”?  I don’t wear a “real” costume but just a small witch hat and a pumpkin skirt.

I didn’t run a lot this week due to recovering from my half marathon.  I was more sore than I thought I was going to be.  I felt like I had run a marathon.  Well, that’s what I get for not training properly.  🙂

Have you eaten pozole?  Did you like it?  Are you a Halloween fan?

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25 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Recovery week and 2 runs

  1. So glad that you are able to spend quality time with your mom each week – sounds like the food was delicious!

    I’m planning on doing the Detroit race next year. Looking forward to your recap!

  2. Oh yes, I remember my kids primary school was just chaos by the time the Halloween party hit at the end of the day. They were so excited! I have heard good things about the Kiawah marathon races. It should be good weather! I agree, it’s getting downright chilly and I’m confused what to wear too!

  3. See, look at them cuddling already!

    I’m not a big Halloween fan. Never dress up. Was never really into it. I don’t hate it either, but I’m not a costume kind of gal.

    I’ve thought about doing Kiawah Island . . . but no, I have not been there. Definitely one I am interested in!

  4. I just returned home from Hilton Head which is near Kiawah. I loved it and I think Kiawah would be wonderful! I’ve heard great things about the race. Plus it will be much warmer than here.

    I normally dress up for Halloween at work but this year I am off! I think it’s kind of fun, myself. I love seeing the kids all dressed up!

  5. I’m so-so on Halloween. Last year my oldest stepson handed out candy and we went out with the youngest with our dog and had fun chatting with our neighbors as we worked our way around the neighborhood.

    Detroit is definitely on my list. I’m really intrigued by the Canada part.

  6. We were supposed to go to Kiawah Island last year for our Babymoon but there was a hurricane and our trip got cancelled! We ended up in Denver instead. I’ve heard its a great place to visit and I’m sure it will be perfect for a December race!

  7. your kitties seem like mine. Although we had to put one to sleep last week 🙁 but the new kitty is full of energy and wants to play all the time. 1 of my divas wants nothing of it. The other one will play but only for a bit. and … the two divas are always fighting each other. but what did we find on the bed yesterday? all 3 cuddled up together!!

    I love posole and would chop off my arm for some right now. it does not exist here in NL. I have made it before (from ingredients brought back from NM) but my dutch family didn’t like it at all. They have no clue! ha!

    We don’t do Halloween here. I miss the focus on dia de los muertos. I have plenty of dioramas at home to remind me though 🙂

    • Mateo bites Lola and per the Internet, that is a sign of aggression. I am taking him tomorrow for a checkup and will inquire about neutering him. Maybe that will calm him down a bit. Ha, pozole is one of my favorites! Dia de los Muertos is an interesting one. As I kid I remember my mother making an altar but didn’t understand the meaning. It wasn’t until I saw the movie “Coco” that i finally understood it. 🙂

  8. Glad you enjoyed the DFP half and running in Canada! I loved running in Vancouver for Seawheeze last year. Kiawah Island sounds amazing. I am not ready for the cold either. It’d be one thing if it lasted a couple of months instead of all the way to June. Ugh. For years I volunteered for the class Halloween party/parade. At our school the teachers are basically “off”. They either sit and do work or leave the room while us parents lead the fun and games. I know the kids get pretty amped up though.

  9. I look forward to hearing more about the Detroit race! I’ve been hearing good things about it in general. And how fun that you’re doing the Kiawah Island race. I had been thinking of that one at some point. I love that your kitties are cuddling 🙂 Mine have been together for years now and have never gotten to that stage.

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