Random Thoughts Thursday

• Sometimes it is hard to be positive.  But no matter what is going on in my life, I am grateful for everything I have. 

Being thankful.jpg

• I remember the first time I watched “Coco”.  I cried.  I will never get tired of that movie.  It was the perfect movie to watch on Saturday (the last day of Day of the Dead).


• While watching the NYC Marathon, I entered the early drawing for the 2020 marathon.  I was not picked.  That’s OK because my entry is entered in the general lottery and will find out in February if I get picked.  Cross your fingers for me!

• I like Christmas music but I think it is too early for radio stations to play it on the radio.  A radio station in Chicago started playing it on Tuesday.  Oh, and they play it all day long.  

Christamas music on radio.jpg

• I have parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday.  Not sure who will want this more.  Teachers or parents?  🙂

Cash bar for parent teacher conferences.jpg


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