Brrr, it is cold here.  I am not liking the snow nor the weather.  Yesterday I went out for a run in the snow and had to cut it short because it was just too much.  Winter isn’t here yet (though it feels like it), but I already want warmer weather.

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This week’s Tuesday Topic: How I warm up before a run?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to Link-up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

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Even though I know I should be doing it more, I only warm up when I remember or when I have time.  However, I do warm up with a cup of coffee.  I never leave the house without first drinking a cup.  I know, I know, that is not the kind of warm this week’s topic is about.  🙂

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Benefits of warm up include:
• Raises your body temperature.  Dynamic warm-up exercises raise your body temperature by heating up your muscles.
• Enhances muscle performance.
• Boosts heart function.
• Improves the load distribution in your joints.
• Prevents injuries.


While I don’t always warm up, I do stretch my calves and quads (static stretching).  That’s it.  However, I read that there is no evidence that static stretching is actually beneficial.  Also, stretching cold muscles isn’t a good idea either which is what I’ve been doing.  I am actually doing everything wrong! 

What is actually recommended to do before a run is walking briskly, marching, jogging slowly, or cycling on a stationary bike.  Then do dynamic stretches/exercises such as walking lunges, jumping jacks, or opposite toe touches.  I remember when I was a CES pacer, we had to do dynamic stretches before our run.  So why is it that I cannot continue to do them now?  

Do you warm up before heading out for a run?   What do you do?  Thoughts from running coaches?

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24 Comments on Tuesday Topics: How I warm up before a run

  1. I do static stretches with my calves somewhere in my warmup (not right before the run). It’s actually part of some old PT exercises, though. It feels really good & my calves are chronically tight!

    We had our first flurries last week, and after some early morning sleet, it’s snowing now. The good news is it’s supposed to warm up some next week. Fingers crossed no big storm on Thanksgiving, since we’ll be going to my parents.

  2. I am not good at remembering to warm up, even though I know the benefits. If I am doing a long run, I figure my first few miles will be the warm up. I do hamstring and calf stretches, but not always right before a run.

    It’s raining right now at our house. I hope it stops before this evening so we can go to running club!

  3. I never warm up. No time. I’m glad to get the run in. I know I should but my runs are pretty easy and on flat roads.

  4. Not only is winter here (UGH), but the polar freeze of winter is here as well (TRIPLE HUG). I usually done some kind of a warm-up, sometimes I do more than other times, but I always do something. I’m too paranoid about injury LOL

  5. I never did warmups other than walking for a few minutes until I got hurt, then I added a quick routine of leg swings, butt kicks, etc and things have been good ever since. The key for me is that the warmup can’t take too long or it’s taking time away from my workout.

    We had our first winter storm today so it ended up being an adult snow day. My stepsons will be very jealous when they get home and find out that the adults had the day off when they didn’t.

  6. Great ideas! I’m jealous of your snow! Went on a hike today with the gals and it was almost 70 degrees here and I just want cold weather!

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