Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone excited to see the new “Frozen” movie?  I loved the first one and the second one will be interesting.  Another movie I am excited about is “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”.  As a kid I remember watching the show and remember when he took his shoes off and then did something with his sweater.

• These memes are HILARIOUS.  I am loving all of them and laugh at each one.

Cat meme-1.jpg

• We got more snow on Monday.  Honestly, I don’t mind too much the snow or cold weather.  What I really, really hate is the ice.  Next week it will be in the high 40s so I am happy to know the ice will melt.

• On Tuesday we had parent/teacher conferences.  Conferences went from 11:30am-3:30 pm and then again from 5:30-7pm.  All but 4 parents showed up.  I am actually surprised that many showed up since it was very cold that day.  Most of them went well but I had to bite my tongue with one set of parents because they refuse to acknowledge that their son needs more help than I can give him.  


• Just another photo of my little guy.  I love him so much and am excited when I get home.  I wonder if Lola, my other cat, feels like I neglect her.  I don’t.  Mateo is very dramatic and craves attention.  He likes to sit on top of the radiator to stay warm.


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  1. That’s great that so many parents showed up for the conferences! I’m definitely excited for both of those movies. I’ve made plans with my parents to see Frozen 2 together when we’re there for Thanksgiving.

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