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It was a cold week with snow and ice but I am happy that it will warm up this week!  I ran twice this week compared to 5 last week.  I hate running in the snow and I didn’t feel like going to the gym to run on the treadmill.  

I know many of you have a separate Facebook page for running.  Whatever you post on said page, do you repost /share it on your personal page?  I am finally using my running page (The Running Teacher) and post here and there but am wondering if I should also repost/share on my personal page since I know not everyone follows The Running Teacher.  I hope that made sense!  🙂

I knew snow was in the forecast but I was in denial.  Monday morning I woke up and saw the snow.  I still went out to run and did not make it far.  The snow was coming down fast and it was hard to see.  I ran 2.85 miles which I am surprised I made it that far.  

I was supposed to be off that day but ended up going to work.  Well, not exactly work because it was an Institute Day.  We spent a few hours learning about Standard-Based Grading.  So boring.  Plus, we’ve been hearing about it for about 3-4 years so I am not sure when we will start implementing it.  Waste of time.

Tuesday was parent/teacher conferences and was pleased that 12 out of 16 parents showed up.  One of my coworkers had all 19 parents show up!  I’ve never had all parents show up on parent/teacher conference.  It was cold that day and even I did not want to go.  

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I went to IHOP for breakfast on Tuesday morning and this was the parking lot.  Ugh!

My sister likes to complain that it is cold in San Antonio.  Haha!  We want 40 degrees in December.

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The rest of the week went by fast.  Well, I only worked for 3 days.  Kids were fine Wednesday and Thursday but by Friday it was downhill.  I was so angry at the end of the day.  Not only do my kids talk a lot but sometimes they don’t want to do the most simple thing.  We are reading “Tia Isa Wants a Car” in Spanish.  They have a hard time understanding that book and I end up explaining EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE.  Huh?  The book is in Spanish.  Why is it hard to understand?  I asked a question and they are supposed to provide evidence and they don’t even want to look in their book.  Same thing in Math.  I asked them to work on a problem in their book and most just stared at me or the wall.  They didn’t even write the equation in their book and I wrote it on the board!!!!

I left Friday feeling like failure.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it me?  What more can I do?  

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Saturning morning was “warmer” and it felt good being out there. 


My cats getting along.  This photo makes me happy.  🙂

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My birthday is on Wednesday.  Make sure to join Kim and me for our Weekly Topics Linkup to learn about “What are your Winter weather running tips?”  Plus, I will have a giveaway in honor of my birthday.  Don’t miss it!

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23 Comments on Weekly Run Down: 3 day work week and snow

  1. I’m looking forward to your birthday 🙂 My work week got shifted due to the holiday and I was confused what day it was all week. I’m glad to get back on schedule this week! I don’t have a solution for you, but teachers are awesome for dealing with all that you have to go through. I do have a “blog” facebook page, but it’s weird, I’d rather have a bunch of people I don’t know reading my blog (my virtual friends!) than I would my “real” facebook friends. I don’t promote it to my friends and family. My family (parents/brother) doesn’t even know I have a blog! It feels like my real friends would be reading my diary or something. I know, it’s odd!

    • For a minute I was confused because I was thinking “What holiday?” 😜 I just need to remember to take it day by day and that no matter what happens, I am doing the best that I can for my students. I don’t promote my blog to my family or friends either but lately have been adding my posts to my blog FB page.

  2. I have a blog FB page, but I rarely share it to my personal page. Most of my friends are not runners and I don’t want to bore them with my running. If I run a race or something, I might share. I’ll follow your page on FB, tho!

    I could never be a teacher! Sometimes I get annoyed with patients but at least my contact with them is limited to the visit. If I had to spend all day, every day wtih them, it would be hard! Tomorrow is the start of a new week, hopefully it will be better.

  3. Similar to Wendy…I started my ROTF FB page to have a place to post (endlessly LOL) about my running stuff and to have a place to connect with other runners. I also share all of my blog posts there. I respect that not all of my FB friends are into running, so I don’t want to “spam” them with it on my personal page…but I do share pics from races now and then, and an occasional blog post of a race recap…but those are cherry-picked. That’s great news that you had a good turnout for conferences!

    • Thanks Kim! I am also going to post running stuff on my blog FB page too. Many of my friends and family know about my 50 states goal so I will post whenever I finish a race.

  4. I did not know you had a FB page! So I’m following you now. But I don’t really share my blog page on my personal page. I link my IG with it though.

    maybe the kids were just distracted this week from the snow?

    love that the kitties are getting along 🙂

    • I’ve had it for a few months but never really used it. Now is when I want to start using it more and that is why I am asking for feedback. Maybe there were but it is a new week so we’ll see how it goes today and the rest of the week. 🙂

  5. I almost never share running stuff on my personal FB page because I know my non-runner friends don’t care. I won’t talk about running unless someone asks. Sorry your class is so unengaged right now. I remember helping out in class once and this one boy just would not do a single thing. Even worse he disrupted everyone else. I suppose that’s an everyday occurence for you. Very frustrating.

    • Thanks Marcia! It seem like everyone just posts running stuff on their blog/running FB page. I will do the same too. I always tell people to come in my room to get a feel of what it is like to teach 2nd graders. Actually I want administrators to come in too so they think TWICE before making any decisions that affect teachers and students.

    • Thanks you! I will start doing the same too. Only post running stuff on my blog FB page. Many of my family and friends know about my 50 states goal so I will post some things about it on my personal page.

  6. Happy Birthday! I’ve pretty much stopped using all social media, what it comes down to is that I just don’t enjoy it anymore – too curated, too many ads. I love reading blogs and get a lot of satisfaction from rambling on my own. Hang in there with your kids, they’ll grow up some day and in the meantime there’s running to cope with it all.

    • Thank you. Ugh, many times I find myself scrolling through Instagram and Twitter because some of the things people post are ridiculous. Ha, now I wonder if people think some of my posts are ridiculous too! 🙂 Yes, running helps me cope with everything that goes on in life.

  7. I try to keep my blog/running stuff on Facebook separate from my personal stuff. I figure if anyone wants to hear about my running they can follow my running page! I hope you have a great birthday this week!

  8. For some reason I can’t submit comments to your blog from my Ipad. No idea why (and yours isn’t the only blog with that problem). Maybe I could within the app, haven’t tried that.

    Anyhoo, tried to comment yesterday — so great that the cats are getting along!

    I am sorry about all the teacher frustration. I’m afraid I have no advice. My guess is it’s not just you, though.

    I rarely post on my private FB page, which I do keep separate from my running one. The running one I go strong for a while then let it slide (like now). Ugh. Too many things to do to spend all that time on social media!

  9. Happy almost birthday! We should take a tally of all the November birthdays and plan a birthday link up next year. Sorry teaching was so frustrating. I’m sure that happens from time to time, especially when the schedule is messed up and its snowy. Hope this week goes better!

  10. I am not on FB (or Twitter or IG) so I would miss out if you didn’t repost your FB info here.
    Oh, I imagine kids can be frustrating at times. I would have a hard time to hold myself back from shouting at them ;-).
    Do you teach in Spanish so that it should have been easy for them to understand the book?

    • I feel guilty when I shout, I mean raise my voice, at them. They’re kids and I realize they’re not always going to behave. I teach a transitional/bilingual classroom so 80% is Spanish and 20% is English. Spanish is their native language so yes it should be “easy” for them.

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