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Not much running this week and I am OK with it.  Did I want to run more?  Yep.  But I have been sleeping well that I haven’t been able to wake up in the morning.  Then a few days I came home and took a nap too.  So weird.  I am on Winter Break so now I don’t have to wake up THAT early so definitely no excuse not to do all of my runs.

On Monday the school administration made a delicious breakfast for us.  I went back for seconds!  🙂

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Later on we made ornaments with the kids.  I made one with a picture of Lola and Mateo.  The kids were excited to make one for their parents.

I did get out to run in the evening.  It wasn’t cold but it was slippery.  You can see the ice on the sidewalk.  Luckily it was 3 miles and I took it nice and slow.

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Tuesday was “Whoville hair” and it was fun to see teaches and students participate.  My coworker had a former student’s mom come in and do our hair (there are 5 second grade teachers).  In her words “I want to win.”  She was one of the winners.  The winners had the students go to the gym on Friday to watch a movie.  We thought that everyone in the grade level had to participate in order to win (we thought for sure we would win).  We then found out it was only individual teachers.  I went back and forth with the principal but nothing was done about it.  I was pissed!  I ignored her the rest of the week.  Well, not just because of that.  Other things had been going on and that just did it for me.

My hair is very thin and straight so it was hard to do something Whoville related.  I ended up with a present!  I went running with my hair like that and it was a mistake.  It was windy and I got very cold.  Even my head hurt from the cold!

This was after my run and after I removed the rubber bands and bobby pins.  Check out those pretty waves!  Anyone know of a good curling iron I can get to get waves like that?

Wednesday was another fun activity with all of the 2nd grade teachers.  We use HERO to reward students that are respectful, responsible, and safe as well as give negative points to those that are not respectful, responsible, nor safe.  We held a different activity in each room and students had to pick one.  I had the board games room.  At one point there were 30 students in my room.  Another teacher had a drawing/coloring room, one was the holding room for those that had too many negative points, and two teachers had a movie room.  

Not exactly a board game but my students love using the Magna tiles.

Magna tiles-1.jpg

That is how I felt Thursday morning.  

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I don’t have pictures but I had my students use Tempera paint to paint whatever they wanted.  They rarely get a chance to paint and it was fun to see their pictures.  Some are very creative!

It was a long week at school but I made the best of it.  The students for sure had fun!  I did leave right at 3pm on Friday.  🙂

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Winter Break-4

Saturning morning I went running at the Arboretum.  It has been months since I’ve run there.  I am planning to either go there or to Waterfall Glen every Saturday for some hill training.  My next race is in Atlanta and I’ve heard that the course is hilly.  I was supposed to run 8 miles but I’ve missed so many of my runs this week so I did four.  Yeah, that was enough for me.

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36 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Fun activities with the kids and Winter Break

  1. The Arboretum looks so pretty (and so did your hair, sorry it made for a cold run)!

    Some weeks you really just have to respect your body & not push too hard. Glad you get to leave right on time for your break — enjoy it & your holidays!

  2. I adore children’s artwork! I’m on the Art Advisory Committee for our local hospital, and we often have children’s pieces on display. We try to get to some of the “art shows” at the schools and get copies of some the more colorful drawings/paintings…the kids’ get recognized for their talents, and we get some great art to brighten the hallways of a usually drab setting.

    • I know what you mean. I told them that I will let them paint more next year. I also have watercolors and they are excited about it too. My friend’s son drew a really cute cat with a DD cup and I asked them how much money they want for it? He won’t sell it but he will draw a picture of my two cats. 🙂

  3. Aw, what I shame you didn’t all win the Whoville Hair contest! It would have been a lot more fun for all the teachers and students.
    When is your race in Atlanta and how long will it be?
    Hopefully you can use your well-deserved winterbreak to get a few nice and relaxed runs under your belt. Enjoy!

  4. Sorry to hear about the Whoville hair contest but at least you all participated! I used my flatiron yesterday to get waves in my hair. My son’s girlfriend did it for me. It looked really pretty and was a nice change from my normal straight hair!

  5. Enjoy your Christmas break! Our d-i-l has two weeks off starting yesterday and her smile was a mile wide! I love “pee whenever you want” on the checklist. So funny, but so true!

  6. Hooray for winter break! I so miss the ages where they do crafts in school. It’s so cute what they come up with. Your hair looks so pretty.

  7. Glad to hear you are sleeping better.

    I do miss holiday time with students. Adults are biting. Lol.

    I love to be creative and went adult painting yesterday.

    Trying to get back into running with the cold and sore foot.

  8. Yay for winter break! I love seeing all the WhoVille hair! I love seeing the creativity some people have.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday, with all the random bathroom breaks you want!

  9. I’ve been wanting to try the Chi or Babyliss curlers- it’s the automatic ones that you stick your hair in and it comes out curly. I’m wondering if those work but kinda don’t want to spend $100 on them until I’m sure haha! I love the Who hair! That would be a fun contest for sure!

  10. Props for running 3 miles on the ice, that’s exactly what keeps me on the treadmill in winter. I’m looking forward to getting back outside now that our roads are clear. Have a good break!

  11. At a family party this weekend, one of my nieces was curling another nieces hair. I was watching with great interest because I never to anything with my hair other than flat iron it! Her hair looked really nice. But in the end I decided it was far too much work and I would never spend the time to do it. 🙂 Enjoy your break. I hope it’s super relaxing, and recharging. Happy Holidays!!!

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