Random Thoughts Thursday

• I only give Mateo cat food.  However, once in a while he likes to see what we are eating and then “begs” us to give him some of it.  My mother gave him rice and I gave it to him on a paper plate.  Looks like he is enjoying the food.

• If I had room in my living room then I would get this.  However, I will admit that the apostrophe in “Nothing’s” does bother me.  Or does it belong there?

Nothing gets done today-1.jpg

• Frankly I am tired of going to the laundromat to do laundry.  For sure when I move, a washer and dryer will be the first two items I buy.  And I am loving the front loader!

Laundromat-1.jpg • Snow and I hate it!  But by Wednesday it had cleared up and it was sunny and warm.

• My school district is switching over to Gmail.  I’ve been using Outlook for over 10 years and am excited for the change.  You bet I am excited!

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  1. You have to go to the laundromat for your laundry – I imagine that being a real hassle. Here in Switzerland, I share a washer/dryer in the basement with 3 other people, which works really well.
    Can you use several machines at once so you don’t have to wait forever?

    • Yes, I can use as many as I want as long as they’re available. I think that is what I like the most since I can do all of my laundry at the same time. During the warmer weather it is fine but when it is cold or there is snow, then I just get tired of it. I guess overall I am just plain tired of it. 🙂

  2. Aww Mateo! I give Khali our food sometimes, but think I am going to cut back – last night she threw up all over the carpet after I gave her some burger. Doh.

    The apostrophe does belong in “nothing’s” because it’s a contraction of nothing and is. So it could also say “The ‘Nothing is Getting Done Today’ 3000.”

    We switched to gmail at our work several years ago and it’s the best. Yay! You will love it and I hope other people don’t complain and struggle too much… 😉

    • You are right! What confused me is that I think anything with an apostrophe “s” is possessive. I am usually good with grammar, spelling, etc but that is something that always confused me. Now I can point out every mistake with their/there, you’re/your, to/to, etc. 🙂 Well, we were told that our email from Outlook will transfer over to Gmail and so far I’ve seen nothing. We’ll see what happens when I go back to work.

  3. I’d be excited to switch over to Gmail too! We use Lotus Notes (Domino) at work. Yes, it still exists!! It’s total crap. I can’t find any emails when I try to search. My personal account and contractor job uses Gmail and it works so well for me.

  4. My cat usually only ever gets cat food too, but I randomly discovered that she loves sweet potatoes and corn (she kept asking for some and went a little crazy when she finally got to try some, haha).

    Front load washing machines are wonderful! <3 Gmail is lovely! I have Outlook for work, which I’ve gotten used to, but gmail is still my favorite!

    • My first cat, Princess, loved corn! Oh, she would always run to get some from my plate. I had never used front load machines until I began going to the laundromat. I don’t like the new energy efficient machines (front load) because I feel like they don’t clean as well.

  5. Mateo is so cute! Ozzy was begging for sushi rice last night. I have heavy blankets/bedding my washer can’t handle and the dry cleaner charges $$$ to wash. It’s on a pile to go to a laundromat but I know I’ll never take it. Haha!

  6. Ah yes the good ol’ laundromat. The only thing I liked was being able to run all of my loads at once. The last laundromat that I used before getting my house had cats on the premises, a momma cat and three kittens. The owner was very open that the cats were there and anyone who didn’t like it was welcome to go elsewhere. So that was my favorite, getting the laundry done and getting kitten snuggles in the process.

    • I do like that as well. No more waiting for just one machine to finish so you can use it for another load. A cat and her kittens! How cute! For sure that would motivate me to keep going.

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