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Happy New Year and Hello January!

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This past week was very different from last week.  I ran 2 days and spent the rest of the week at home with a cold.  I did go out a few times for errands and to meet friends, but I was feeling so tired and no energy to run.  

Monday was a cloudy day but still went out to run 3 miles.  Then it was off to do laundry and cuddle with the cats.  🙂


That night it started to snow and we woke up with a white New Year’s Eve.  Ugh, I hate the snow!  I had to run 4 miles but the snow and ice made it difficult.  Plus, I was getting very tired.  My throat was already hurting.  <<That is the first sign that I am about to get sick.

I stayed home that evening (went to bed before midnight) and stayed home the next couple of days.  🙁  I felt horrible.  I was sneezing and coughing so much that my stomach started to hurt. 

It warmed up on Wednesday and the snow melted.  Still no running for me.  I kept busy by reading “The Whistler” and I finished it on Friday.  I also watched 3 seasons of “El Chapo”.  Haha, so good and I couldn’t stop watching it.

Even my babies knew I wasn’t feeling well and they cuddled with me.

Each night before going to bed I took cold medicine with Emergen-C.  My mom told me that a cold usually lasts about 3 days.  Sure enough by Saturday I felt so much better.  No coughing or sneezing, but I was still congested. 


Back to work tomorrow and I am not ready.  🙂  I did have some grading to do over break and finished it last night.  I told myself that I was not going to go to sleep until I finished it and I did.  I was up till 1 am.  

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I already let my coach know that I am feeling better and he is having me run 3 miles tomorrow.  I told him that I hope I wake up on time because I am so used to sleeping in these past 2 weeks.  

I hope you had a great week!  What medicine do you recommend to take for a cold?  

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36 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Happy New Year and sick with a cold

  1. So sorry you got sick during your vacation. Hope you are feeling better. Good luck on tomorrow’s run.

  2. Oh no, Zenaida! What a shame! You were so looking forward to having a break and now this. I really hope you will have a smooth start tomorrow. Take it one step at a time. All the best!

    • Thank you. I know, right? I was looking forward to this break since August! Haha. Yesterday but slow and long but Monday is over. Not to get through the next 4 days.

    • I could not believe it either, but at least it happened during break and not during the school year. It is much more difficult to take time off during the school year.

  3. Thankfully, I don’t get sick much…I haven’t even had a runny nose this season (other than when I’ve actually be outside on a run). I think all of my outside running keeps my immunity somewhat in check. Glad you’re feeling better as you head back to the classroom!

    • I get sick maybe once or twice a year. I guess over the years I’ve also built up my immunity. I think the reason I got sick is because of the constant weather change here. Who knows? Glad I am feeling better and can move on.

    • Thanks, Wendy. Doing the grading during break helped so much because now I don’t have to do it. Plus, I took the work home and I didn’t want to go back without completing it.

  4. Oh no, I’m sorry you got sick. I’ve been taking Emergen-C every day for a while and I’ve gotten very few colds since I started. Happy back to school, summer vacay will be here before you know it. At least that’s what I told my stepsons tonight.

    • It is. Even the students were exhausted. I heard people getting sick with the flu and am glad mine was “just” a cold. My brother said he had a cold too and his lasted one week.

  5. What a bummer to be sick during winter break. I’m glad you’re feeling better now but yeah, you need a refund on those days off. Hooray for snuggly kitties!

    • I know, right? I need to take 3 days off now. 🙂 In a way I am glad I was sick for part of my break and not the whole 2 weeks. Also, it is so difficult to take time off during the school year (i.e. finding a substitute teacher and doing lesson plans).

  6. When I get a sore throat I know I’m about to get REALLY sick. Thankfully doesn’t happen often.

    I think you were wise to take all the rest (and cute cuddle buddies!). I know you can run with a cold, but I’m always super tired and run down when I have one. Better to rest and come back strong!

    So sorry you were sick on your vacation. That is never fun.

  7. Ugh, I’m sorry you were sick for much of last week 🙁 That’s certainly a bad way to usher in the new year but hopefully the rest of 2020 will be better! It was a good idea to take that rest because it seemed like your body needed it.

  8. Getting sick on a break from school is the worst! So sorry. I loved the photos of your cats cuddling with you. Hope you are back to 100% soon!

  9. Oh, poor thing!

    So I constantly take Vitamin C caplets, boost it with Emergen-C if I am around someone who has a cold, and we have something called a Sinugator that rinses out your sinuses with saline – our pediatrician swears it reduces cold symptoms by about 75%. The boys use it more for allergies, but it works for either.

    Love those snuggly kitties, though!

  10. Happy New Year Zenaida!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cold. That sucks!! Especially when you are on winter break when you want to do things!

    We don’t have cold medicine here like you do in the US. So if I start to feel like I’m getting sick, it’s a lot of aspirin and vit C and as much fruit as I can handle with Vit C!

  11. What a bummer that you were sick during your break. I had all of my childhood diseases (mumps, measles, and chickenpox) during either Christmas or Easter break. Here’s hoping you’re back to feeling 100% by now.

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