Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am a good driver.  I usually do not speed and try to obey the rules of the road.  However, it does make me crazy when others don’t.  The other day I was on the left lane and there were a lot of cars in that lane.  Other drivers thought it would be a good idea to go around me and then merge into my lane.  Ugh, so annoying!

• I have a race in KS in April and then will be flying out to Boston to spectate the marathon on Monday.  I looked into flights and they’re ridiculously high.  I wonder if it will be cheaper to fly home and then fly to Boston?  Or I could just get on the last flight and arrive in Boston at 12:35 am. 


• So true but many times so hard to believe.

Everything happens for a reason.jpg

• This made me laugh!  I guess I don’t like to talk to people.  So many texts last year.

Sprint snapshot.jpg

• My handsome little guy.  Two things he loves to do: Eat and sleep.  Just like me.  🙂



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  1. Interesting phone statistics! I think I have even less talking time. The only time I call anyone is for business reasons. With family and friends it’s always text 😊

  2. I used to think I was really good driver too… until we got the Progressive “Snapshot” plug in device. That stupid thing is beeping for the most crazy things! It beeps at “hard braking”. You’d think I was the worst driver on earth the way that thing beeps. Geeez!

    • I have something similar from Allstate. Mine does not beep. Is there a way to turn off the beeping sound? I also get stats from Allstate (which are good) and then I am able to get a discount from them.

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