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Doesn’t it seem like January dragged?  I know it was a long month and I was on Winter Break the first week, but still.   I started off the new month with a cold.  Then once I felt better enough to run, I fell.  I took a few weeks off to recover and recently started running again but on the treadmill.  

Mateo couldn’t understand why I was up so early.  He is funny.  


I ordered some new Oiselle shorts and couldn’t wait to wear them.  Aren’t they cute?  They’re my favorite shorts for running.  I started watching the Aaron Hernandez series while running and it is so good.  


Aaron Hernandez-1

This time I did the Lady Gaga Ride.  Just what I needed after a stressful day at work.

Again at the gym to run 3 miles.  The plan was to run on Thursday and rest on Friday.  My legs were sore from Wednesday’s run so I didn’t run.  I know last week I “complained” about not having a treadmill at home, but now it isn’t THAT bad.  A few people reminded me that at least I have access to a treadmill.  So true.  I am getting the hang of it.  I make sure I have all of my stuff for running and for work since I shower, get ready at the gym, and then go to work.  Oh, I also need to take my breakfast and lunch with me too.

I finished the month with 20.50 miles.  January was not a kind month but I am still pleased with my mileage.

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I couldn’t run in the morning because my sister had a training to go to downtown and I had to stay with my mother.  I caught up on reading blog posts (so sorry for responding so late).  I finally headed out to the gym around 4pm.  A friend suggested I watch “Money Heist”.  I did and I like it.  For now there are 3 episodes and I watched half of them.

This made me laugh.  I didn’t even notice it until someone made a comment on Strava.  I was on the treadmill the whole time.


How was your week?  Any other shows to watch on Netflix?  Someone suggested Grace and Frankie.  I am looking forward to the new season of Narcos Mexico which will be available on February 13.

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32 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Goodbye January and Hello February

  1. Oh wow you are BACK with the running! Congrats! For Netflix shows, I’ve run many miles with Wanted, Glitch, The Bodyguard (so good it was hard to get off the treadmill), Outlander, and Call the Midwife (what I’m watching now). There’s definitely a lot out there. I love your new shorts.

  2. January seemed like it lasted for a year – it was nuts! I’m so glad that the month is over.
    I also watched the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix. When it was over, I definitely had a lot of conflicted feelings.

  3. For a slow start to January, you definitely ended with a bang 🙂 The shorts are cute!

    • Haha, Mateo cracks me up. I wear my Garmin because I also wear a foot pod. I have noticed that certain treadmills (in the same gym) records those crazy routes. I usually use the same one but I think that day someone else was using it.

  4. Cute shorts!

    I just watched Cheer and that was better than expected. I’m out of shows now: I’ve done Jack Ryan, The Mandalorian, You, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Witcher, The Crown and The Boys. I gave up on Downton Abbey (it made me angry).

  5. My january was just too busy. I’m exhausted and already needing a holiday! Getting to the gym in the AM takes a bit of getting used to but that’s one thing I REALLY miss about US gyms… open either 24/7 or at least really early. Now I have stuff at home so it’s fine, but I too have to go to the gym for the treadmill if I really need it.

    Mateo looks sooooo sleepy in that photo!!

    I watched several seasons of Grace & Frankie and really enjoyed it. We just watched all of Mad Men – I had seen a couple seasons before but Ron finally wanted to see it so we powered through all 7 seasons! I’m up for a new Netflix series as well.

    • One of the gyms close to my house is open 24 hours so now I don’t have to wait till 5am for the other gym to open. I know that once I buy a house, I will make a room my workout room with by bike and hopefully a treadmill.

  6. Netflix is really sucking me in these days! I’m a late adopter of watching Schitts Creek, so I’ve been binging that one. My app keeps making suggestions of other shows to watch so I have a “to watch” list… the Crown, You, Wine Country, Living with Yourself, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Fuller House…. well, you get the idea. I’ve got a lot of watching to do! I didn’t care for Grace and Frankie though. Good job on the gym routine!

    • I cannot stand some of the characters from Fuller House but somehow I’ve watched all 5 seasons of it. I know, I know. 🙂 I like Netflix but now like it even more because they keep me company while running.

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