Random Thoughts Thursday

• I did not know that anyone without a Costco card could eat at the food court.  I read the other day that they will ban those without a Costco membership.  Why are they even allowed in the first place?  I pay for a membership so why should others be allowed to go in for free?

• Just one month till my trip to Mexico!  I am beyond excited.  I am happy and really looking forward to it.

Mexico flag-1.jpg

• So true!  I wake up between 4-4:30 and if I could, then I would respond to texts at that time.

Teacher text-1.jpg

• We were supposed to get a lot of snow a few days ago.  While we did get some snow, it wasn’t as much as it was expected.  I am NOT complaining at all.  You kind of have to laugh when it is about Chicago weather.

Will it snow? Will it rain?.JPG

• Sometimes I wished I had a garage.  I always leave it outside and for the most part it isn’t that bad.  I’ve been able to find parking in front of my house!  I hate it when it snows and I have to clean it off my car.  I know, first world problems.  I just really hate snow.


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    • Thanks! Yes, the trip is with my mom. It will be almost a year since she’s been there. She usually goes every 6 months but hasn’t been able to go because of her stroke.

  1. A garage is a godsend…no snow!!

    WE’ve had a few storm that have fizzled…most rain. Ok by me.

    Mexico!!! How fun!!

  2. I agree, we don’t have covered parking and it’s such a pain when it snows. Or walking out there in the rain if it’s raining hard. I hope you have a fun trip to Mexico!

    • Thanks. I am looking forward to it. Well, at least I only have to deal with it when it snows, which hasn’t been that much this winter. Rain is the worst because you still have to go outside to the garage (unless it is connected to the house).

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