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Hey there!  How is everyone doing?  I cannot believe it is Sunday.  Even though I was at home it went by very fast.  Gosh, I miss teaching and my students.  As of yesterday we are scheduled to go back to work on April 13th.  This week is our Spring Break and the following week is another week of eLearning.  I am ready to go back but at the same time am not ready.  In some states the schools are closed for the rest of the school year.

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I didn’t do much running but did take 4 Peloton classes.  I think that’s the most I’ve taken in a week.  I know there are so many great instructors but seriously Cody is my favorite.  Love him!

I didn’t feel well on Thursday and did not run.  It felt great to get out on Friday.  Ran 4 miles and again did not worry about pace.  On Saturday I woke up not feeling well again and decided to wait and see how I felt in the afternoon.  I took aspirin and did feel better.  I changed and went outside.  It was chilly and raining.  I had no desire to run in that weather.  I went back inside and got on the bike. 


Today’s run almost didn’t happen.  Woke up early, had coffee, and got dressed.  It was WINDY.  As soon as I made it outside, it began to rain a bit.  And it was windy.  Ugh, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it.  I knew I wouldn’t run the 4 miles I want so I turned around and then did a few loops around my house and I was done.  



Did anyone enter the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon?  I know I said that I was going to enter it, but now am not so sure about it.  Part of me does and doesn’t want to train for another marathon.  Plus, 2 of my out of state races were cancelled so now I want to look for and run half marathons in other states. 

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Anyone like House Music?  Julian Jumpin Perez has live music sessions on Saturday night at 8pm (Central Time) through Facebook.  His music is takes me back to when I was in high school.  A few songs I remember from grammar school.  🙂  Last night I was listening till 10pm!


Just something funny I saw on social media.  🙂  I will be going to St. Bathroom to clean it from top to bottom.

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How are YOU?  How was your week?

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31 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Not too much running and 4 Peloton classes

  1. I’d be really surprised if you went back to school on April 13. We’re being told that this thing is really going to ramp up this week. I can’t imagine that in 2 weeks, it would be simmered down enough to put social distancing aside. What we need is a miracle, right?

    Stay safe!

    • I agree Wendy. I was surprised when I saw the email from the Superintendent. A miracle would be nice. Too many people are getting sick and dying. Makes me sad.

  2. You are doing great on those Peloton classes! I have seen so many runners who are loving that, especially now with all the social distancing and IRL spin classes canceled.

    My friend asked me to sign up for the MCM lottery, but I have done that race for the past 2 years and didn’t really want to make it 3 in a row. There are too many other good races out there but MCM is a very special one!

  3. I cannot imagine that you will be back to school in 2 weeks. They have already cancelled school for the whole year here. Glad to see you taking advantage of the Peloton classes. Try the outdoor runs or walks they have been great for me

    • I know. Wendy said the same thing. Thanks for the reminder about the outdoor runs. I keep forgetting that there is so much more than just the bike options.

  4. Sorry you weren’t feeling well — hope you feel much better this coming week!

    I’m not sure what’s going on with schools here, since I don’t have kids. I know my niece is in CA teleteaching her kids in NYC. It’s a weird world!

  5. I’d be very shocked if the kids go back to school this semester. They’ve only had a few days of online school since this week was spring break, so we’ll see how they adjust to it on Monday. All I can say (yet again) is thank goodness for fitness. Whether it’s running or the bike it’s great to have the outlet.

  6. I keep forgetting about the Peloton app…I seem to do alright finding my own things to do. A little “outside” influence would be a good thing, though.

  7. I’m also on a race registration binge. I’ve been looking for other out of state races as well due to the fact that two of mine got cancelled for spring. My mom is moving to Pensacola with my aunts halfway through the summer so I was thinking of going to visit her in December and running the Mississippi Gulf Coast half in Biloxi.

  8. I just got the Peloton app. I didn’t realize they had so many different types of workouts. Not sure if I’ll even get to the cycling. My spin bike hasn’t been the joy I thought it would be. I have debated selling it and getting an elliptical.
    I saw this video and thought of you, hope it brings you a smile if you haven’t seen it already… https://www.facebook.com/boredteachers/videos/613402202576040/
    Hang in there and stay safe!

  9. Our schools are planning to resume on April 9. I don’t see how that can happen. I’m sure they’re working to figure something else out. I am grateful to have already run MCM. It’s a great one but who knows what’s going to happen with fall races with so many things postponed.

    • If things are supposed to get worse this week, there is NO way schools will open the following week. Good point about the fall races. I will at least come up with a plan but not make anything official till things get better.

  10. Great job on the Peloton classes! I regret that I don’t have a stationary bike, I hear so many good things about it.
    Love the travel destinations, haha!
    How is your house hunting going?

  11. I had to laugh at the Bored Teachers meme! I always say I need a break, but THIS is not quite I meant either! One week of home-school and dealing with clients over zoom and email, and now there’s threat of a lockdown which means we won’t be able to run outside… I just want NORMAL again.

  12. We are supposed to back April 13, but the president has said to keep social distancing until April 30 and our city has said until May 8, so I can’t imagine that we will be going back to school. That being said, we started distance learning this morning and it seems like the system crashed. 🙁 One of little man’s teachers got all filled up during her live conference, and my heart just about broke. This is so hard 🙁

    • It is hard but parents and teachers are doing the best they can. I must have missed that announcement by the President. If that is the case then most likely schools will close for the rest of the school year.

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