Random Thoughts Thursday

• Did you know about the 3D feature in Google?  Google a animal and select the view in 3-D feature.  So much fun!

• Yep, I’ve stopped complaining.  At least I can still go outside and run.  I can also go to the grocery story for food.  It could be way worse. 

Quarantine Meme-1.jpg

 • Anyone getting the days mixed up?  On Tuesday I thought it was Thursday.  Not sure why it mattered since it isn’t like I had plans to go anywhere.  🙂  

Remember when-1.jpg

• I will always thank these workers!  Seriously they are truly amazing individuals providing the many things we need right now.

In one week-1.jpg

•  This is cool and looks like so much fun.

Chutes and Ladders-1

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    • I am constantly asking my sister which day of the week it is since I cannot remember. 🙂 I am going to school on Tuesday to get a few things from my classroom and I will get my wall calendar.

  1. I’m totally forgetting what day it is! I have to keep looking at the calendar to remember. And I love that giant game board, how fun 🙂

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