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Whew!  What a week it was.  How is it that it is again Sunday?  The Governor announced that schools will be closed until April 30th.  I doubt we will go back to school for the rest of the year.  The Superintendent sent an email letting us know that for Monday-Wednesday it will be the same schedule for remote learning but that on Thursday we will have PD from 8:00-1:30 and then we will be off on Friday (Good Friday).  We’ll see how it goes.

This week started off with me feeling lazy and not wanting to run.  Then I remembered that I signed up for The Un-canceled Project.  We had a few gloomy days and on Friday it was warm and sunny.  I went out about noon and was HOT during my 4 miles.

I took my first Peloton outdoor running class and it will probably be my last.  I was annoyed with the constant talking.  Remember, I am one that dislikes hearing runners talk nonstop on a run or race.  I think maybe that is one of the reasons I like running by myself.  Well, I would run with you as long as you don’t talk too much.  🙂

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I ended March with 35.10 miles.  Still pleased with how it went.  I mean it is better than no miles.

Hello April 2020

My Peloton didn’t get much use at all this week but Lola likes to sit on it. 


April Fools’ Day come but it felt just like any other day.  At least to me it felt like it.  The days go by fast and they all blend in together.  Sometimes I don’t know if it is Tuesday or Wednesday.

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My cats were lazy as usual.  Nothing new there.  Mateo loves to sleep pretty much anywhere in the house.  He LOVES to cuddle with my mother and she spoils him too.

Thanks to some YouTube videos I learned a couple of new things for eLearning.  My coworker and I did some assignments on Google Slides and Drawing.  We are ready for the upcoming weeks.  On Friday I spent some time cleaning my desk.  I’ve been using the kitchen table but now I need more space for my computers and my papers.  Looks like I will be working there till June.

For the first time ever I wrote and mailed letters to all of my students.  First I called those parents that I haven’t connected with via Remind.  I left messages for a few and others did not answer.  I did speak to a student and it felt so good to hear him.  When I was done I went to my room and cried.  I know many of us have probably cried a few times already.  

Anyone else watching “Money Heist”?  Season 4 was on on Friday.  There are 8 episodes and I am on season 7. 

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How are YOU?  How was your week?  Are you also participating in The Un-Canceled Project?  

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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28 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Spring Break and Hello April

  1. I think my grandkids’ school will be canceled for the rest of the year too. They have some online stuff but right now none of it is mandatory.

    I did the un-canceled 5k this week too. It’s fun to have some of these virtual challenges to keep us engaged now that all the races are canceled. Stay safe!

    • I would be very surprised is anyone goes back this year. Now I wonder if summer school will also be cancelled or postponed. It was supposed to start June 15-July 10th.

  2. My Peloton is saving my sanity these past few weeks. I am enjoying trying all kinds of new workouts. I actually like the outdoor runs bc I am used to having people to talk to on my runs. way to go on the uncanceled 5K. have a healthy and happy week ahead and thanks for linking up

  3. There’s just no way that the kids are going back to school until fall. TV wise I’m really like Unorthodox, but there are only four episodes so I’m limiting myself to one a day. Congrats on your runs!

    • Oh I agree with you. Yesterday I went to school to get some of my things. I came home with 4 bags. Some of the things I will use for the rest of the school year and others will eventually I will bring it home. It was so sad to walk into my classroom. 🙁

  4. I didn’t hear about any April Fool’s joke… so I guess that post is right! Love your Oiselle rain jacket in the first pic, way get to the run done even though you weren’t feeling it!

    I almost forgot that Friday is a holiday this week…the days are all out of sorts lately!

    • Me neither. I didn’t even know it was April Fools till I saw the post on Facebook. It is one of my favorite jackets. It fits well, I like the color, and I’ve worn it with a wazzie wool LS in the winter. Oh yeah, we are off this Friday. 🙂

  5. I haven’t cried but I have come close. I get frustrated and sad–my emotions are all over the place. Running has really helped me a lot. I wouldn’t like that outdoor Peloton class either–I don’t like to run with people and I don’t want anyone talking, lol!

    Stay safe!

  6. I actually hadn’t heard about the uncanceled Project, I will have to check it out. Lola is too cute – that’s definitely what my cats would do! I remember doing one of those runs where there was someone talking to you – maybe Nike app? – and it annoyed me so much! I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a teacher right now; I’m glad you’re still able to connect with your students.

  7. That photo of Lola on your Peloton made me laugh, lol.

    I’ve heard about the un-cancelled project and I think it’s such a cool way to keep runners motivated over the next month.

  8. Awww, sorry you had to cry, Zenaida! I fully get it, it must be so hard for teachers right now. I bet you’re looking forward to getting back to normal life!
    I did the Un-Cancelled Project too. Last week I did the 10k and this week I’ll do the 21k.
    Have a great week!

    • It was just one of those days. I did feel better afterwards. I know I’ve complained about my kids but they’re just kids. I cannot imagine what they are thinking and feeling. I know many students look forward to school and now they can’t even do that.

  9. I don’t mind people talking to me when I run, but I definitely do not care to answer. Haha! Honestly I value the ALONE time so none of those apps are for me. You are so sweet to write to your students. Our distract has been conservative with announcing plans, but even they said it was “realistic” that school was out for the rest of the term, and graduation has been postponed. So crazy and sad. Hang in there friend!

    • Haha! I would definitely run with you. 🙂 I would be very surprised if we return to school this year. Now I am wondering if summer school will also be cancelled or postponed. It was supposed to start on June 15. I also value my alone time. Gives me time to think or simply listen to my music and forget for a moment the things that are happening right now.

  10. I just can’t imagine teaching through this.

    I actually want a bike now. I am outside a lot but even waking and running can get old.

    Chin up.

  11. The days are definitely all blending together! And I tried a couple peloton outdoor running classes as well. I really liked them but I think that’s because I miss running with friends and catching up!

  12. I have no idea what day it is anymore. I’m ok. Feeling a little antisocial lately, but that’s ok. I don’t think we are going back to school, either, which makes me so sad for the kids and teachers.

    I heard great things about the Peloton runs, but maybe the constant chatter would be too much.

    • Yesterday I went to school to pick up a few things. I had 30 minutes to do so. It felt so sad going inside. 🙁 I was looking forward to the runs since a few people had mentioned it. Yeah, not for me.

  13. Awh, that’s a nice gesture writing to your students! I’m one of very few whose routine has not really shifted much yet, but I’m on high-alert. anticipating that could change. All we can do it go with the flow, take one day at a time, and stay positive. A little bit of kindness and grace towards others, also, benefits everyone 😉 WE got this!!

    • Thanks, Kim. I love your positive attitude. It is so easy to shift in a different direction but many times we just need someone to shift us right back in the right direction. 🙂

  14. I do like to listen to talking when I run, but typically I’m just a conversation starter when I have a friend along with me! Sometimes I feel like the Peloton trainers are talking a bit more than they need to – but I haven’t taken one of the treadmill classes yet. The idea of an outdoor run with Peloton intrigues me. I need to try that next.

    • The one I took is the outdoor run and I did it just to check out. Last one for sure. For the bike I like Cody. I don’t mind him talking there because most of the time I am listening to the music and I am watching another show on the TV. 🙂

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