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How was everyone’s week?  This week I ran 5 days and did one Peloton workout on the bike.  Pleased of how it went.  Tomorrow it will be one month since I’ve been in school and seen my kids.  These past couple of week have been interesting and challenging.

Mother Nature couldn’t make up her mind because the weather was just weird this week.  It will chilly one day, 70s and humid another day, and then cloudy and also sunny days.

On Tuesday it was warm and humid.  I ended up running in a tank top and shorts.  Later that day I went to school to get a few things from my classroom.  It felt so weird being there.  The hallways were empty and had an eerie feeling.  The best thing I picked up was my calendar so I could hang in my office.  Now I can see it everyday and know the day of the week.  <


Thursday run didn’t go well.  I set off to run 4 miles but the wind was just too much for me.  I went home.  I think I was just emotional because as soon as I turned around to go home, I started crying.  Nothing wrong with it but not sure if it is because of everything that is going on or because it is that time of the month. 

Later that day I had a PD day/meeting with my coworkers.  The Principal talked what is expected from us for Remote Learning.  I also had separate meetings with my team.  At the end of the day I felt even more anxious and overwhelmed.  It feels like we have more work to do for school now than when we were in the classroom.  The biggest change for me is making office/work hours and sticking to them.  I want students and parents to contact me for any questions but I cannot be writing to them all day.  Beginning tomorrow the District requires us to have 5 hours available each day for parents, students, and to collaborate with my team.  I have also posted a message in Google Classroom.  Let’s hope it works out for everyone and that it goes well.

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Have you seen those pictures and videos of teachers participating in a parade for their students?  We did that on Friday.  I will admit that I was on the fence about going.  But I knew it would feel good to get out and do something fun.  It was so much fun.  There were so many parents and students waving at us.  I did see a few of my former and current students.  That made me very happy.

By Friday I had had enough of Facebook and I deactivated my account.  I had already deleted the Instagram and Twitter apps from my phone.  I got tired of many people being judgemental and posting mean comments.  Everything is either an argument or political.  Yes, I could have ignored everything being said but it was just too much for me.  

Saturday I ran 6.10 miles for the Uncanceled Project.  Ugh, I have no idea how I got my numbers mixed up but I needed .10 miles for a 10k.  It still counts right?

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Copying this idea from Catrina.  Oh, and what do I hope for?  Here’s my top five list: 

no one else gets sick.  There are just too many right now.
that there is a vaccine available soon so more people don’t get sick or die.
soon we can meet up with family and friends like before.
that I will see my students one more time before the last day of school.
that I can stop being so sad and angry and continue to be my half self.  🙂

The next theme is a fun one.  It is “Humor”.  With everything that is happening right now, we do need more things to make us laugh.

You’d think that being home now I have more time, right?  I have no idea where times goes.  I am doing my best to read as many posts as possible and to respond to each comment.  I get it done even if it is on Friday or Saturday.  🙁

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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35 Comments on Weekly Run Down: What I hope for and almost a month

  1. I don’t spend huge amounts of time on my phone (or social media, which should be pretty obvious). I also don’t watch a whole lot of news. I don’t know, I guess that helps me stay happier.

    I’ve been lucky, too, so far, knock on wood, my family & friends are ok, but I know a lot of friends where that isn’t the case. 🙁

  2. Absolutely 6.1 counts for 6.2! Race courses are short all of the time so it’s totally legit for a virtual race course to be short as well. I haven’t deleted my FB but I shut down notifications a few years ago and I hardly ever go on, it’s just not enjoyable and you can only ignore so much. Twitter, ain’t even going there. IG? Again, no notifications and the only people that I follow there are runners;-)

    • You are totally right! Race courses are always short anyway. I didn’t notice mine till I was writing my blog post. 🙂 In a way I am missing Facebook but not enough to log back in. Although I wished I could log into my running page.

  3. I really dislike FB and I am more of a Pinterest and IG girl. Too much negativity on there for me and too political. Way to get that 10K virtual done this week. Thanks for linking up

    • There was a time when I was all over Pinterest but lately haven’t been interested in it. I remember when it was still new and you had to get an invite from someone in order to get the app.

  4. My heart goes out to you and all of the teachers. I’ve heard similar stories and worries from other friends that are teachers. Just know that you are doing your best and that’s all that can be asked of you. These are weird times for sure and there isn’t one right way to navigate everything.

    That parade was just so sweet – warmed my heart!

  5. I agree…Facebook has become a public forum for online arguing. Frankly, I hate being on guard with everything I post, fearing someone will find some minor thing to take offense at. I cannot imagine the burden you are facing as a teacher right now. I have been seeing the teacher parades for a few weeks…what a nice gesture!!!

    • People feel the need to just post their opinion about EVERYTHING!. I know it is a rough time for many people and we are coping the best we can. An argument is not the way to do it.

  6. I feel you on social – it’s gotten uglier than even November ’16 – Jan ’17 and it’s sad, because we should all be on one side in this case. Thank you for doing the teacher parade. My brother took his kids and it meant so much to them.
    And hugs. Lots of tears lately

  7. Nice miles this week!!! I actually also posted about Facebook and how it has gotten so ugly lately. Glad to know it’s not just me. Have a good week!

    • Thanks, Wendy. A break is just what I need right now. Hopefully things will be better but then we have the elections coming up and you know it gets ugly there too.

  8. So tough to be a teacher. But I can tell. You care about your students and are probably a great teacher.

    I do post a lot on IG. It keeps me motivated to be outside active and take photos.

    I use FB to keep in touch with friends. Especially now that I don’t see them.

    I ignore all the political stuff. I hate it.

    This will end. I feel lucky to be healthy and that my family and friends are as well

    • I am missing Facebook mostly because of family and friends. But at least I still have Messenger and we can text each other. Zoom has been great to keep up with my cousin. We’ve had so much fun catching up!

  9. Haha, thanks for linking back to me! Congrats on your 10k!
    I love your teacher parade – you look so happy on the picture!
    Fortunately, I never joined FB, IG or Twitter…. I always felt it would use up too much of my time.
    Don’t stress out about reading / commenting on posts. You have enough on your plate and people understand that teachers are under extra stress right now. Hang in there!

  10. Its such a weird and hard time right now. I work for a school system but am not a teacher, and its interesting to hear the different expectations from different districts. I hope you can just do your best, and your kids/families will know you are there for them, and that’s what really matters. Facebook can be so negative so I try to avoid it. I definitely prefer instagram, probably because I just unfollow anyone who is negative.

    • Yes, it is interesting to see the different expectations from teachers in different districts. I am trying to keep the workloud light because I know my students don’t get a lot of help from parents (for whatever reason and I am not judging them) I have 18 students. 2 don’t have a Chromebook but yet only about 5 or 6 log in and do the work.

  11. I love the idea of a teacher parade! I am so SO grateful for teachers now more than ever. I can imagine how incredibly stressful all of this is. I unfriend people who constantly spew political vitriol and unfollow many others so we’re still friends but I never see their posts. It is soul sucking. Hang in there!

  12. You are doing amazing. I wish there was a parade for the middle school kiddos, but I understand the teachers and students are all so spread out – it would be hard to coordinate.

    It’s got to be hard to shut off, but the office hours are a great idea for structure. I’m sorry this is so much more work. This isn’t how it should be for anyone 🙁

    • I thought it would be hard to coordinate but it really wasn’t. The teachers met at the school and we drove up and down several blocks. It helped that almost all of the students live within walking distance. I don’t know who came up with the route but we were out there about 40-45 minutes. I am liking these office hours. None of the parents contacted me after hours yesterday. 🙂

  13. The parade is so cool! Glad you were able to participate. I feel so much for the kids who are in school and have to navigate this new way of life.

    I have been spending less time on FB surprisingly and it’s really made a difference. It is toxic on a good day…I just find it to be a depressing place right now.

    Great mileage for the week! I’m still hoping to get back to double digits for the week!

  14. Hang in there! It sounds like you really care for your students and I’m sure it shows in your communication with them. The parade sounds like fun, and great break from the normal “new” routine I’m sure! Our bus drivers made videos for the kids, which I thought was really nice. My kids haven’t even watched it yet 🙁
    Great workouts this week – you got a lot of running done!

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