Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Topics!  We are now in the last week of April.  Supposedly it is Spring but it does not feel like it.  Well, you know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”.  🙂

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Where did March go?  Hard to believe that April will be over soon and then May will be here.  Hard to believe that I’ve been home now for over a month.  Over a month of not seeing my students or going into work.  Each day this feels like a dream (or a nightmare) and I want to wake up and do my normal things.

I wasn’t sure what to write about for today’s post.  I have good and not so good weeks of running.  Each week is different.  I am not training for anything (no one is) and some days I run just because or to get out of the house.  I rarely see anyone while out on my run and if I do see someone, I make sure to keep my distance from them.

I made a list of a few thoughts from these past few weeks.  They’re in no specific order but just thoughts I had while out running, watching TV, writing lesson plans, etc.  I am NOT judging anyone nor intend to make anyone feel bad about any of their choices/decisions.

♦ Always save money.  Whether it is $1 or $2 each week or month, save it.  Jobs are never guaranteed and you want to make sure you have some money saved up until things are better.

I am an introvert but now am not liking it anymore.  When things are back to being normal, I will make sure to do more things with family and friends.

No matter what people are going to be extra nice or just plain mean.  We don’t know what other people are going through and it is best to just shut up and not say anything.

Parent communication with my kids is SO important.  Well, I know it is but now more than ever.  I have 18 students and use Remind to communicate with them.  There are two parents that I either have to call or send regular text messages because for some reason I cannot add them to the app.  You bet next year I will make sure to add everyone the first day of school.

Politics is ugly.  Now it is even UGLIER.  It is mind blowing how politicians are so selfish and greedy. 

I need to get my students set up in Google Classroom and other technology platforms early in the year.  I wanted too long and had a tough time setting things up for them and their parents.  Many are still not doing all of the work (or any at all) but I don’t stress out about it anymore.  We’re all doing the best we can in this situation.

Have fun.  No matter what always have fun.  

Life is short.  Make the best of it.

Running is more fun when there is no pressure.  As much as I want to run more like some of my other friends, I don’t.  There is no reason to.  

Never judge.  Everyone reacts differently.

Be patient.  Sometimes it is hard to do but there isn’t another option.

When driving, why speed?  I am confused as to why drivers feel they need to speed.  I mean, why are they in a rush?  There’s been a few times in which I am behind a car that slows down because the driver plans to make a right turn.  I slow down too but the driver behind me is impatient and passes both of us on the left side and then moves over to the right lane.  Seriously?

What are some of your thoughts?  

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18 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Some thoughts from these past few weeks

  1. I agree that there’s really no need to run more, but I also understand that is the way some people cope.As long as they don’t end up sick or injured, it’s all good.

    Non judgement can be hard, but you’re right — you never know what someone is going through.

    There are definitely things that I miss, but I’m ok being home. Mostly. I would dearly love to go somewhere else to run, for sure! It probably helps (sometimes, LOL) that my husband is here too.

  2. I like this post and I like your attitude.
    I agree, saving is so important! In times like these, it really helps to have an emergency fund. It looks like you have one, well done!
    Run is for fun! Don’t do it if you don’t feel like it. Just wait and be patient – it will come back and call you when you’re ready 😊 And it goes with your bullet point to always have fun! I love that!

    • Thanks, Catrina. But remember that you also have a GREAT attitude. I love reading your posts. Yes, I’ve been saving but mainly for a down payment. Just waiting for the right house. I wonder if I will ever find it?

  3. Looks like you and I had similar ideas for today’s post, lol! With all this time to think, yep, I’m making some changes too.

    I agree with you about how ugly politics has become. But I will judge certain people for sticking by a certain person. Things would have been much different had he heeded the early warnings and taken charge. It’s pretty surprising that people are still defending his actions…

    Hang in there Zenaida!

    • Thanks, Wendy. I am struggling just like many people are but also trying to stay positive and keep going. I agree with you on that certain person. I dislike everything about him. I cannot even stand to see him on TV or social media.

  4. Great ideas. I agree with most.

    I have one friend who LOVES Trump. It’s so hard to judge.

    I don’t mind walking alone but I do miss the excitement of a race…A LOT!!

    I continue to run and long. It helps me at this time. It’s very hard so when I’m done I feel accomplished.

    We will get through this.

    Thank God for fellow bloggers.

    • There is one exception on judging other people – those that support a certain person. 🙂 I never thought I would say this but I also miss the excitement of a race.

  5. Yep. Politics are ugly, and bring out the ugliness in people. I avoid all political banter because I’d rather shake my head & roll eyes in silence than fuel someone else’s fire LOL Sorry for all the frustration you’ve been dealing with your students; the current sheltering issues are things none that any of us could have anticipated.

    • So many things we did not anticipate but it is a first time for many things. I am learning a new things to do for next year. 🙂 I added the Facebook app in my phone and now am wondering why I did that. So many ugly things. My friends tell me to just scroll down.

  6. This pandemic has brought out the best and worst in people. I’ve had to stop watching the daily press conferences. Politics is so toxic. Life is stressful enough. I need to make a right turn off of a 45 mph road to get in my neighborhood. There is no turn lane so I have to slow down. More people than not will swerve into the oncoming turn lane to get around me rather than wait a half a second. It is ridiculous and if I were a cop I’d sit and write tickets there all day long. Hugs to you!

  7. These are such crazy times indeed. The politicization of this crisis is just mind-boggling to me, I so wish we had better leaders.

    We are definitely having our patience tested with everything going on, I wish more people could be patient as we try to get our lives back to “normal” in a smart, safe way.

  8. I am also an introvert by nature, but I have also told myself to meet up with friends and family more often after this is over. I think I’ve had enough time indoors to last all year.

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