Random Thoughts Thursday

• Someone posted this meme on Facebook.  Maybe I am being very sensitive right now but does anyone really think it is funny?  I mean joking about dying from the virus because of what you told your wife?  Maybe I just don’t get it.

Virus meme-1.jpg

• I know I posted about being patient.  I know many businesses are doing the best they can so we can have the things we need/want.  About 2 weeks I ordered some items for my Peloton.  To this day, I haven’t received it.  I mean does it usually take this long?  I have already reached out to the company and have asked them to send the items again via UPS or Fedex. 

Drip Accessory-1.jpg

 • I ordered a new Koala Clip.  It is simply the best.  This I received 4 days after placing my order.  🙂

Koala Clip-5.jpg

• My plan is to move this year.  I am collecting boxes so I can start decluttering and pack up a few things.  What it is with cats and boxes?

Lola and Mateo-9.jpg

•  I love martinis!  I went to the store yesterday to get some groceries.  I also got items to make martinis and 2 bottles of white wine.  Now I don’t know why I “only” got 2 bottles.  🙂  My plan when this is all over is to have a Martini Party.

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    • I stopped buying them toys because they like boxes, a wad of paper, a hair elastic, you name it. Martinis are my favorite! Seriously, I could drink one everyday, but I won’t. That won’t help my waist line. Haha!

  1. Glad you have boxes for the cats, now you just need boxes for your stuff;-) I’m thinking about getting a Koala clip for my phone, right now my flip belt works very well but if I had somewhere else to put my phone I could fit an extra water bottle in my flip belt for long runs. Cheers to your martini!

    • The love the boxes! I have more than enough for them. I guess I do need to get more for me. 🙂 I love the Koala clip! I remember at first I was using it wrong but then figured it out. Not that hard but I didn’t look at the picture showing how to use it correctly. Yeah, the teacher did not following directions. Now I take it with me for all of my runs.

  2. I actually picked up the same martini mix at the liquor store yesterday. They have curbside pickup so they bring the items to the car which is great!

  3. Boxes are the ultimate cat toy. A memory of Giz playing with a box popped up on FB not too long ago.

    I agree with you on the meme. I guess some people are just into really dark humor.

    • For real! I don’t buy them toys anymore. They’re happy with whatever they find and are curious about. Glad to see you agree. I thought maybe there was something I was not seeing or understanding with the meme.

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